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Alas, a new “sisterhood” of reality television has risen, and this time, it’s the self proclaimed, “Hollywood Ex-Wives” who are taking over. Meet Jessica Canseco, Mayte Garcia, Nicole Murphy, Andrea Kelly and Sheree Fletcher, five beautiful ladies who were married to some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Although these ladies are now divorced and trying to move on with their lives, they still have issues dealing with closure from their former relationships and have to find a balance between their own careers, their children and moving on with their love life. The ladies form a sisterhood in support of each other during their tough times but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with these ladies, as drama may come and divide their sisterhood apart. Tune in on June 27 at 9 p.m. to catch the premiere of “Hollywood Exes” on Vh1.

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Jesssica Canseco – Jessica is the wife of MLB player Jose Canseco and is definitely the party girl of the Hollywood Exes crew. Jessica already has a life of her own. She has her own cosmetic and medical tattooing business in California and she and her ex, Jose, have a teenage daughter. Between juggling the roles of being a business woman and a mom and trying to find love in California, Jessica definitely needs the support of the other ladies to help her get by.

Nicole Murphy– Being the ex-wife of comedian Eddie Murphy, Nicole Murphy is very well known on the Hollywood scene. She’s currently engaged to professional football player, Michael Strahan, however, the couple hasn’t set a wedding date yet although they’ve been engaged for almost two years now. Aside from her wedding plans, Nicole is busy raising her five children and is getting more focused on her modeling career and starting a life of her own.

Sheree Fletcher- Sheree is the ex-wife of Will Smith. She and Will have a son together, Trey, who recently turned 18 years old and you know what that means: child support checks have been discontinued. Now that she isn’t getting the income that she used to when Trey was younger, her finances are a little tight and she’ll have to get used to living a life that she’s not necessarily used to. Although she’s remarried to a former professional football player who is now a pastor and is now the First Lady of her husband’s church, she is not afraid of confrontation and will let you know in a heartbeat that she means business.

Andrea Kelly-As the former wife of R.Kelly, Andrea is just now trying to develop a life of her own without being in her ex-husband’s shadow. She and R.Kelly recently divorced and because of that, she’s very emotional and is very passionate about starting a new chapter in her life which means relocating to Los Angeles and leaving her past behind. She’s known as the “phantom wife” of the group because no one knew that R. Kelly was even married, let alone married to Andrea. Luckily, Andrea is good friends with Nicole Murphy, who volunteers to take her under her wing when she relocates to L.A., introduce her to the rest of the girls and be a huge support system for her while she gets her life back and picks herself up after her divorce.

Mayte Garcia– Mayte is the ex wife of Prince and has remained single since she divorced her husband. She wants to have more children, and broke off her relationship with Tommy Lee because he didn’t want to have more kids. She lives her mother and her personal zoo of animals but won’t find sincere happiness until she’s able to have another child!

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