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“Love & Hip Hop” breakout star who deserves her own spinoff, Joseline Hernandez was invited to a therapy session between the man she’s sleeping with who is also her manager, Stevie J aka Steebie and his main baby’s mother, Mimi. Why? Because Stevie’s the man and he requested that both of his ladies be in attendance.

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Little did Stevie know that the stupid idea would backfire on him and he would end up at the receiving end of Joseline’s paws! Because I was cheering Joseline on the way I would Gabby Douglas in mid flip, I figured there had to be more people that deserved Joseline’s fists pounding their face. Check out the list below!

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1. Kim Kardashian
Come on, does there really need to be a reason?
2. Chris Brown
He still hasn’t officially paid for his blows to Rihanna. Joseline needs to teach him a thing or two.
3. Queen Latifah
Why Queen you ask? Have you watched “Single Ladies” yet?
4. Wade Michael Page aka The Sikh Shooter
Joseline just needs to haunt his entire death with her paws.
5. Drake & His “New” Body

Not only could Drizzy use a little roughing up, just to make him a little more rugged, he needs to know that he can’t do an Aaliyah album without Missy and Timbaland.
6. Paris Jackson
We all know Paris has been doing the most on Twitter and she’s not done. But I bet she would be if Joseline gave her the whooping she needs.
9. Shay “Buckeey” Johnson
If not for her Twitter profile photo, then just for the fact that she can’t keep her legs from being wrapped around another woman’s man. Even though that is the pot calling the kettle black, Joseline may not realize it until the beating is over and by then, it’s too late!
8. Teyana Taylor
This child thinks she “paved the way” for Rita Ora and Rihanna’s style. Enough said.
9. Dr. Dre
He can’t seem to stop pushing headphones (that no one uses for his music) and put “Detox” out already!
10. Lil’ Scrappy
Joseline’s man Stevie already tried and it hasn’t knocked Scrappy down a peg or two, so Joseline’s heavy-handed punches might be the reinforcement Stevie needs.
11. Jennifer Williams
Joseline should slap the color contacts from Jennifer’s eyes. Seriously–who still wears those?
12. Momma Dee
After all of Momma Dee’s “in that order” catch phrase usages and former pimpin’ ways–she could use a beating to knock a little sense in her head. Maybe then she’ll stop treating Scrappy like he’s her man.
13. The-Dream
This man represents every dead beat dad to me and as the ambassador, Joseline’s beating is necessary. Who leaves Christina Milian hanging?!
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