Things on “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” got pretty real last night. After last week’s therapy session, Stevie J finally admitted to himself that he was a liar, but admitted that he was going to do his best to fix things. The first step on to a new life is spending more time with Mimi and their daughter. The three of them have a “family day” at the park and we’re finally introduced to their adorable daughter, Eva. Things are going great until Stevie tells Mimi that he wants to have a therapy session with Joseline next time. “I’m in a relationship with Stevie, not Joseline. So why in the f— would I have Joseline at my therapy session?” Mimi asks. So wait, Mimi now you’re in a relationship with Stevie? I can’t keep up.

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Karlie Redd is still working on her singing career and she’s ready to get in the studio with Stevie J but first, she has to clear things up with Joseline. She invites Joseline to lunch to talk about their issues with each other, but Joseline clearly isn’t interested in being cordial with Karlie. “You don’t have to do a song with me, you can just work with Stevie,” Joseline tells Karlie. Looks like this conversation isn’t going anywhere. Karlie then tries to get Joseline to admit that she was right all along about her relationship with Stevie J. “Why was you so worried about me messing with Stevie anyway? You must want to mess with him,” Joseline tells her. Karlie uses this as an opportunity to assure Joseline that she does not want Stevie J, but instead, she’s dating his best friend, Benzino. Joseline still couldn’t care less about Karlie’s dating life, but she pretends to be interested to make Karlie feel relevant.

Meanwhile, Scrappy is gearing up for his mixtape release and is working hard in the studio alongside his homie Shay. Rasheeda arrives at the studio to do a collaboration with Scrappy and is surprised to see Shay there. At first, Rasheeda doesn’t think anything of Shay being in the studio with Scrappy until the two of them give each other a goodbye kiss right in Rasheeda’s face. Scrappy knows Rasheeda is good friends with Erica, so she’s shocked that he flaunted another woman in her face. “What’s up with all that?” Rasheeda asks him. Scrappy gives the generic response, “she’s the homie” but Rasheeda isn’t buying that. Rasheeda tells Scrappy that Erica has been very upset about their breakup and that she even shed a few tears. Scrappy doesn’t believe Rasheeda because Erica’s known to withhold her emotions from Scrappy and all his drama, but he knows deep down inside that he feels some type of way knowing that Erica cried over him.

When it’s time for Scrapy’s mixtape release party, all the girls come to support Rasheeda since she’s performing with Scrappy. Rasheeda tells the girls that Scrappy is dating a new woman named Shay, and asks their opinion on if she should break the news to Erica or not. Before the girls could give Rasheeda a good answer, Shay walks up to the table after walking into the party as Scrappy’s date. “My whole left leg is doing the Elvis Presley, I feel some type of way,” K.Michelle tells the other girls. She thinks it’s a good idea to break the news to Erica, even though the other girls don’t want to get involved with the drama.

While everything is at a standstill with Scrappy and Erica, things seem to be going great between Benzino and Karlie. He heads to his jeweler to repay Karlie for the jewelry she got him at her photo shoot a few days prior. The jeweler pulls out what looks to be an engagement ring. Benzino wants Karlie to know that she’s special to him, but are they really ready for engagement? They’ve only known each other for one, maybe two weeks tops!

While thing are heating up between Benzino and Karlie, things are getting rocky between Rasheeda and her husband turned manager, Kirk. Rasheeda is seeking outside management, and when Kirk finds out about Rasheeda’s management meetings, he’s hurt that she did that without talking to him first. He agreed to go to a meeting with her next time, and when the meeting gets heated and Kirk gets attacked, Rasheeda just sits there and doesn’t jump in to defend her husband and his management skills. Once the meeting ended, Kirk lets Rasheeda know that he was hurt that she let him get attacked like he hasn’t been helping her throughout her career. I think it may be time for Rasheeda to separate business from pleasure.

Stevie J is still discussing the idea of bringing Joseline and Mimi to therapy at the same time, and he runs the idea by his best friend, Benzino. Benzino tells Stevie that it’s a horrible idea to have your main chick and your mistress in the same room at the same time, but gives him props if he can successfully pull this off.

When doomsday comes, Mimi and Stevie J are already in therapy with Dr. Jeff who’s equally as shocked as the rest of us are that Stevie wants to bring Mimi and Joseline into therapy together at the same time. When Joseline shows up to therapy, she says that she didn’t know anything about Mimi in the first three months of knowing Stevie.  Joseline continues talking when Stevie J takes a tissue out of his pocket and wipes the sweat off Joseline’s nose.

“Are you f—ing serious?” Mimi asked.  Stevie J didn’t see the problem with wiping his side chick’s nose while he’s sitting next to his current girlfriend, but everyone else in the room was shocked at his audacity.

Mimi then drops the bomb on Joseline that she’s still living with Stevie and that is with things got crazy. Joseline didn’t give Stevie a chance to respond before she jumps on Stevie and started swinging! Mimi calmly stood by and watched the fight go down while Stevie and Joseline were escorted out of the room by security. Looks like Benzino was right; not even Stevie could have pulled this one off!

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