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Last night’s episode of “Love & Hop Hop: Atlanta” offered a bit of insight into just why the ratchedness goes on. After having a sit down with Joseline last week, Mimi seemed to be done with Stevie J for good. She goes and meets with K. Michelle at the studio and tells her that she’s thinking about going to counseling. “Is the counseling for this to be a relationship, or is the counseling for you to raise your child together, to co-parent?” K.Michelle asks Mimi. A valid question considering we all were wondering the same thing. K. Michelle doesn’t wait for a response before dropping a bombshell on Mimi: a song she wrote for Mimi, which channels all of Mimi’s love drama into three minutes. Mimi looks uncomfortable hearing all of her drama played out in a song, but how could we blame her, it’s uncomfortable for us to watch every Monday night!

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Meanwhile, Karlie is still trying to jumpstart her career and her manager, Malcolm Miles, tells her that dating Benzino might not be a good idea because she’ll get distracted and plus, who is Benzino anyway? “If it’s somebody hot and relevant that’s gonna put you in a certain light—then maybe” he tells her. Now Karlie has to choose between her love life and her career. Yikes.

Joseline goes to the studio with another producer without telling Stevie J but of course, Stevie J finds his way in and pops up on Joseline. Stevie tells her that he’s not happy with her working with other producers, and Joseline basically tells him that she doesn’t care. Stevie politely reminds her that he’ll be getting paid regardless, “You a lightweight in this thing, ma. I been doing this” how romantic.

Stevie suggests that they stop sleeping together, but we all know that that’s not going to happen. Joseline then suggests that they throw the contract out all together, and his response is, “Im not gon’ let up on you. Because you’re a superstar.” Oh.

Karlie and Benzino are getting serious, and she wakes up to breakfast in bed at his house and then, he presents her with the key to his house. Now, I may not know too much about dating, but I know when a man gives you the key to his house then you’ve got him sprung! Karlie thinks this is the perfect opportunity to tell him about her meeting with her manager, Malcolm and of course, Benzino is furious! “If you want to let them guide your life, and everything has to be hot and cold or whatever, they need to get you a hit motherf—ing record, ’cause it’s not like you’re so mothef—ing hot yourself either.” Perfect timing, Karlie.

Mimi and Erica go and support K.Michelle’s performance, but little do they know, Stevie J has yet another song that he wants to perform for Mimi. Erica and Mimi (and the rest of the world) give him the ultimate side-eye during the whole thing, but we all know that deep down, Mimi is a little happy. After the performance, Stevie goes and talks to her in private. Mimi has a little problem with the lyrics, but uses this moment to bring up the fact that they need counseling. “I don’t think you understand how much you hurt me, I really don’t,” Mimi tells him. Stevie tells her that he’ll do anything to make things right, and just like that Mimi falls back into Stevie’s trap, again.

When Stevie and Mimi actually go to therapy, the therapist sees right through Stevie’s games. He gets Stevie to admit that he’s a liar, and gets him to own up to what he’s done. Gosh, he’s good.

Stevie admits that he loves Mimi but isn’t in love with her, but wants to be back in love with her. He also admits that he loves Joseline, which sends Mimi through a loop. Mimi lets him know that she knows that Joseline wasn’t the other woman he was messing around with. The therapist goes in on Mimi as well, “Mimi, I know you’re a strong woman, but we are going to talk about enabling behaviors. Why does a man cheat? Because a woman lets him.” Ding ding ding.

The therapist gets down to the root of the problem: both Stevie’s and Mimi’s mothers left them when they were little, and that is why they are both looking for love in all the wrong places. Interesting..

Do you think therapy will help Mimi and Stevie?

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