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View PostOn last night’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” we got a chance to see the strain that working for your spouse can cause. Rasheeda, the “Marry Me” rapper sat down with her husband, Kirk, who’s been managing her for 17 years and married for 12, to tell him that she wants to move on with new management.

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Tears rolled down Rasheeda’s cheeks as Kirk tried to get her to tell him the words, “You’re fired.” You could feel the pain in her heart as she couldn’t even form the words. Rasheeda and Kirk’s relationship isn’t the first relationship that mixes business and pleasure. There have been so many women through the years that have blurred the lines that honestly are better off uncrossed. Check out this list of 10 celebrity women who’ve allowed the loves in their lives to manage their careers.

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Mary J. Blige & Kendu Isaacs

Mary and Kendu have been married since 2003, so it’s been almost 10 years of rumored drama between the two love birds. Mary’s claimed no more drama, but lately, Kendu’s name has been dragged through the blogosphere with rumors of him cheating, which has allegedly put Mary back on the bottle. *sigh* Here’s hoping Kendu can keep it professional and in his pants.

Tamar Braxton & Vince Herbert

If you watched Tamar’s whining on “Braxton’s Family Values,” you would have known that their marriage needs to only be that. Vince works hard as Lady Gaga’s manager, so it’s obvious his time is limited. However, Tamar needs the type of attention that Lady Gaga is given and it’s just not possible. Tamar’s never going to get her hubby’s attention outside the bedroom.

Bobby Brown & Alicia Etheridge

Even though Bobby was married to the late Whitney Houston for 15 years and their relationship was publicly rocky, Brown still managed to find happiness after that storm. His and Etheridge’s marriage will hopefully make it as long as our next couple. Bobby–ever the playboy–is surprisingly the committed type.

Celine Dion & Rene Angelil

Age ain’t nothing but a number according to Celine Dion and hubby Rene. The couple’s 26 year age difference never mattered to either of them as they have been married for almost 20 years now and their working relationship is still as strong as when it started. That’s amazing. Maybe Rasheeda could use a few pointers because Celine’s career is golden.

Mariah Carey & Tommy Mottola

Mariah’s marriage to record exec Tommy Mottola was a tragic one. She claimed that Mottola took her through hell and back during their marriage, but her career was at its peak. This was a classic older man, younger woman relationship (20 years apart). Mottola often asserted himself over and her made her feel less than the major talent she was.

Ameriie & Lenny Nicholson

Last year, Ameriie married her longtime boyfriend and manager, Lenny Nicholson and was quoted saying, “I look forward to a loving and enduring marriage.” The two have been boo’d up since 2004, so they’ve almost made it 10 years strong in both business and personal relationships. Although we’re still waiting on that Ameriie album, so maybe the pleasure’s a bit stronger.

Usher & Grace Miguel

In an interview with Billboard Magazine earlier this summer, Grace and Usher both came clean about crossing the professional lines of their relationship and claimed that their relationship has worked very well for them over the past few years, even though the two were married to other people during those years. Usher seems to like getting personal with the people that surround him professionally…word to Tameka Raymond.

Christina Milian & The-Dream

This relationship had “Never Going To Work” all over it before it even began. When you marry someone and have their baby just so you can get the career you think you deserve, it’s not going to work. The-Dream had no respect for Christina’s career nor her as his wife and baby’s mother. It seems she would have learned from our next subject…

Nivea & The-Dream

The-Dream is the epitome of every man in the music industry. He doesn’t know how to stay committed, but he does know how to get into a committed relationship and realize he doesn’t want to be there. Poor Nivea never got to reap the benefits of having this musical genius as a husband. If she had, we’d have a Nivea album in 2003 or at least by 2007.

La Toya Jackson & Jack Gordon

La Toya’s relationship with Gordon started out completely professional, then the two married and Gordon took over all management (even out of Joe Jackson’s grip). La Toya was forced into this marriage and it lasted less than a year. The marriage did nothing for La Toya’s career. In fact, remember Psychic Friends Network? Yeah, that was Gordon’s handiwork.

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