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Last night’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” did not disappoint on the ratchet tip, and opened with the star of the show, Joseline, at her photo shoot. Stevie or Steebie showed up to the photo shoot looking very patriotic but disappointed in Joseline’s clothing choice. He wants her to be high fashion but instead, Joseline is giving us Rainbow clothing store fashion. “At the end of the day, this ain’t whats going to sell it,” Steebie tells Joseline. Forget all that small talk, let’s get to the real reason why Steebie has showed up to Joseline’s photo shoot: to check her about texting Mimi. When Joseline admits to texting Mimi, Steebie tells her, “Don’t ever call her a b***h. And stay in your place”. Joseline responds with, “She is a b***h” and the two go back and forth about who’s a b***h and who’s not. How classy.

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Momma Dee is back this episode, and she’s trying to make good with Scrappy’s new boo, Buckey. She’s invited her to lunch to tell her that she’s jealous of all the time that she’s been spending with her son because she needs some mother and son time. She further creates drama between Erica and Buckey by telling her about the whole “asthma attack” situation, and Buckey is confused as to why Erica was over Scrappy’s house the night of the attack in the first place. Mamma Dee tell’s Buckey, “We can handle this like two women, or we can get into some gangster sh*t”. Oh.

Meanwhile, Karlie’s upset with Mimi for not having her back during her altercation with K.Michelle last week. Mimi tells Karlie that she’s not responsible for how K.Michelle handles her business; an she also tells her that she didn’t know that they had beef. Mimi doesn’t forget to let Karlie know that she has beef with Stevie but that doesn’t stop Karlie from wanting to work with him. “This is business,” Karlie tells Mimi. The look on Mimi’s face right now is priceless, she doesn’t hesitate to give Karlie the ultimate side-eye for wanting to still work with Stevie. Alls fair in love and hip hop, I guess.

Karlie invited K.Michelle to her photo shoot to talk to her about the incident but K. Michelle seems unphased by the whole thing. Karlie tries to tell K.Michelle that she needs to be classy and K.Michelle tells her, “Your classy ain’t my classy”. Ouch. She continued, “If you show me the receipts, I looked for your receipts. When I Googled your name a vinegar popped up. A brand of vinegar.” K. Michelle is going in!

Rasheeda’s husband/manager throws her a premiere party for her new video, “Marry Me” but the only problem is that only about a good 10-15 people showed up. If that’s not enough embarrassment for Rasheeda, the video isn’t playing on the correct monitor. I think it may be time to fire the hubby.

Scrappy and Erica meet up so that he can pick up a couch and the two discuss their relationship. Scrappy mentions getting back with Erica when he gets his mind right, but Erica tells him that there is no room for error this time. He’s a “day late and a dollar short”. But the shocker of the evening is when Scrap asks Erica to be taken off child support. I think it’s time for Erica to bring them paws out. “I’m not going to take you off child support because when I’ve asked you to do things for Imani in the past, you haven’t done it.” Preach

Joseline keeps her word and apologizes to Mimi for sending her threatening texts. Mimi isn’t calm when they meet, in fact she tells Josline that she’ll call Stevie whenever she wants. Wait, is Mimi now playing the side-chick role? SMH.  Joseline responded with, “He has a way of telling me one thing, telling you one thing and telling everybody else one thing and playing everybody, then everybody’s fighting.” Ding Ding Ding!

Mimi agrees, and Joseline apologizes about the pregnancy and tells her that she would be hurt too. “I hear you Joseline, I hear you, trust me I do,” Mimi tells her. It looks like these two have bonded over their love/hate for Stevie. SMH

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