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I can’t even imagine what Tameka Foster and her family must be going through right now. She recently had to take her 11 year old son, Kile Glover off life support and lay him to rest after he was struck by a jet-ski while lounging in an inner tube. The doctors told her that he would not recover from his injuries and that he was showing no brain activity whatsoever. After being on life support for nearly two weeks, she was faced with making the ultimate decision to take him off.  How does a mother or father  even begin to make such a decision? I assume that there are many different factors involved in making this decision and coping with it. Since I am not a doctor nor a counselor, I found myself searching for some type of resource that talks about what a parent would have to do and how they would cope.

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Doctor’s Opinion – On they talk about the importance of listening to the doctor’s opinion. “Listen closely to what the doctor has to say about whether your child will ever be taken off life support. If there is a good chance that this could happen, there really isn’t any other decision to make. If, however, your child will remain on life support for the rest of his/her life without the possibility of mentally and physically recovering from the accident wounds, you have to consider whether it is in your child’s best interest to thrive only because of the machines he/she is on. Take the doctor’s advice on how best to handle the situation very seriously.  The doctor’s and nurses at the hospital can explain the situation in a clear manner that will help you through the process of letting go.”

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Letting Go Of Your Child – On they also discuss coping and how a parent can begin to let go of their child. “The most difficult decision in the world is to let your child go when they are on life support. Every parent wants the best for their children but the choice can sometimes be the hardest thing you have to do. Part of coping with the life support decision for your child is the ability to let go. In order to do that, you need to say goodbye to your child. Take the time to sit with your child and talk to him/her before the life support is removed. Being able to say goodbye while your child is still alive is a greater gift than you can possibly imagine in this time of turmoil. It is a closure that not everyone has the opportunity to give.”

It’s every parents worst nightmare to ever have to loose a child, but I think if we have the ability to say goodbye then we can begin to heal.  My prayers go out to anyone who has ever had to loose a child and I pray that you can say goodbye and begin to heal.


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