What is culture? We seem to throw this word around but never really think about what it truly means and/or what it represents. If you look up the word Culture one of the definitions you will see is “development or improvement of the mind by education or training.-  This stuck out to me because this can be directly applied to exposing our children to different cultures and why it is important. Children are coming from a place of growth. They look at exposure to new cultures as a development process. Their little minds grow and expand. Culture for them is exactly development and/or improvement of their minds.

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As parents, we have to strive to expose our children to different cultures.  There are so many different ways we can achieve this.  From participating in local cultural events, to cooking food from a different culture, reading books on different cultures or tap into activities at our child’s school all provide an opportunities for them to learn about different cultures. These are just a few examples but there are millions things we can do as parents to ensure that we raise children that are well rounded and accepting of all cultures.

It’s our job to prepare our children for a multicultural world. Set a good example.


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