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T.I and Tiny’s oldest daughter, Niq Niq, is approaching her “Sweet 16” and T.I just can’t seem to come to terms with the fact that his baby girl is growing up. The only thing on her mind right now is learning how to drive, and she asks her parents for not one but two cars for her upcoming birthday. T.I and Tiny have a little debate over who would be the parent to teach Niq Niq how to drive, and when Tiny tells the story of how she almost killed them in an accident but saves their lives at the same time, I think that it’s only fair to say that T.I is the better driver. But this debate will have to wait because Niq Niq has a photo shoot and video shoot with her singing group, the OMG Girlz.

At the video shoot, we see the OMG Girlz getting all dolled up in make-up, cool clothes and glitter hair for which, in my opinion, is very age appropriate. Until the fun police a.k.a T.I arrives and tries to shut the whole operation down and tells them that they have on too much makeup, can’t wear wedge heels and needed to find less revealing clothing. Tiny, being the voice of reason, tried to talk some since into her hubby, telling him that the girls are teenagers and that everything was age appropriate for them. T.I, however, didn’t want to hear it, and demanded that things be changed his way.

After the video shoot and photo shoot, Niq Niq was a little upset with her dad about the way he acted. T.I sat down with Niq Niq and tried to explain to her that he only does these things out of love, and that he’s trying to come to terms with the fact that his  little girl isn’t a little girl anymore and that she’s growing up. “My only job as a parent is to keep my sons out of jail and my daughters out the strip club and dam*it thats what I’m going to do!” T.I tells the cameras.

Gotta love the Harris family!

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