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Have you ever noticed that people always want what they can’t have? I mean, I am single and I am sick of microwaving my dinners and watching bad TV while eating instead of having a stimulating conversation. But in terms of love, my friends in relationships are ready to jump the relation-ships. I wonder if this is the reason people cheat. Let’s face it: without sounding like a complete devil, cheating is exciting. It is a secret and it is something you can think about and then wryly smile to yourself as you think about your naughty and forbidden tryst the night before.

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I’ve cheated – not because it was the cool thing to do, but mainly for three reasons: it was new, it gave me something my boyfriend couldn’t, and simply because I could. That sounds awful, but it’s the truth. I think it is unrealistic to think it’s possible to have all your wants and needs fulfilled by one person. I had one person who was mentally stimulating, and one who was very physically stimulating, so, seemingly, I had the best of both worlds. Mind you, this is coming from a very odd and embittered girl, but still, there it is.

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