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Woman Trying On JeansThe holidays are such a fun time of the year, and with all the parties and flavorful treats every where you turn it’s hard to sometimes not start the new year a few pounds heavier. Temptation is real, however this year if you commit to these seven easy tips you can greet 2012 rockin’ the same size jeans you were rockin’ in 2011.

1.  Ditch your diet.
If you have been trying to drop those last 10 pounds for the last, what is it now…four years? Do yourself a favor and let it go this holiday season. Worrying about weight loss during a time where temptation is staring you in the face day in and day out is not only miserable, but incredibly unrealistic. Since when have you seen eggnog lattes in June? Never. So indulge (in moderation of course) and enjoy the flavors of the season.

2.  Sweat it out now so you aren’t sweating over it later.
Physical activity not only relieves holiday stress but can also help prevent weight gain. Simply clocking 10-15 more minutes at the gym can make a huge difference when trying to offset the handful of M&Ms you popped in your mouth at your coworkers desk after lunch. Can’t make it to the gym? No worries, commit to being more physically conscience throughout your day. If you take public transportation, get off the train or bus one stop early and power walk it the rest of the way. Or make a playlist of your top 5 songs and dance like your 16 again a few times a week.

3.  Don’t skip meals.
Well don’t do this ever…but especially avoid meal skipping during this time of the year. Depriving your body for hours ultimately leads to a binge. Also not eating often is a sure way to tell your metabolism to take the back seat and a slow metabolism = quick weight gain. So don’t sabotage your diet by starving yourself all day only to end up scraping the bowl of spinach dip that night at the company holiday party.

4.  Plan ahead and scan the spread.
With holiday party hopping hogging your entire weekends, it is important to do these two things. First, don’t show up on an empty stomach. Have a small snack before so arrive so you wont be quick to say hello to the meatballs before the host. A handful of almonds or a cup of broth based soup are both great options. Second, before you load up your plate explore the entire spread and see what you’re working with. Fill up on low calorie foods (ie the vegetable platter…but go easy on the high fat dip), and decide what succulent treats are really worth it. If you must taste everything then take “tasting” portions, and then go back for the things you really loved. That way your not stuck sucking down the too salty macaroni and cheese when you could have enjoyed the red velvet cake much much more.

5.  Take the food out of the fun.
There are usually 3 things you can count on being in attendance at each and every holiday party you attend this year. Food, drinks, and people. This year be Miss L.O.P. (Life Of the Party) and back away from the food table and the bar. That way instead of working only your mouth you can work the room. Focus on catching up with the people you do know and getting to know the ones you don’t. Instant calorie saver.

6.  Take multiple shots.
Of water not tequila. When attending holiday parties be sure to down at least eight ounces of water before you arrive and dive head first into the eggnog. Drinking plenty water will also help decipher how hungry you really are. Many people confuse thirst with hunger, so don’t waste calories filling up on high fat dishes when a shot or two of Aquafina could have done the trick. Also be sure to drink water in between alcoholic drinks. That way you not only stay hydrated, but also help in controlling the speed in which the liquor metabolizes in your body (ie. avoid getting sloppy drunk too quickly).

7.  Be the host with the most.
Healthy ideas in mind that is. Do you really need that whole stick of butter in your pecan pie? Your mashed potatoes can be just as creamy with low fat milk and sour cream. So look at your menu and try and find quick and flavorful ways to slash a few calories. You can also have a slamming health conscience holiday party if you plan your playlist with as much detail as you do your menu. Good music not only makes people feel good, it makes them move. The more they dance, the less they eat…and the less they drink. Good times, calories burned, and you may wake up the next morning without drunk friends laid out on your couch. Now thats a good party.

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