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Yesterday was the premiere episode of the second season of “Love and Hip Hop”. All of the girls from last season are back again, with the addition of two new chicks; Yandy (Jim Jones’ manager) and Kimbella (Juelz Santana’s baby mama). As weird as it may seem, Kimbella and Chrissy have never met, despite the fact that their men roll in the same crew. I guess it’s a good thing these two haven’t crossed paths, because as you saw on last night’s episode, they just don’t click very well.

How does she run in those heels?

Emily has finally decided that she is going to break away from her up and down relationship with rapper, Fabolous, and venture out on her own. In order to celebrate her independence, she’s decided to through herself a little party and invite her girls to celebrate her new found freedom. As she’s giving her “I’m miss Independent” speech, Kimbella drops a bombshell on Emily and tells her that she used to date Fabolous three years ago. Emily’s son with Fabolous is three years old, so you do the math.

This automatically sets Chrissy off, as she jumps to Emily’s defense immediately. The focus quickly switches from Kimbella and Emily to Kimbella and Chrissy, because as Chrissy said, “Emily isn’t going to speak up for herself that’s the reason she’s in this situation right now”. Obviously, Kimbella isn’t the brightest in the bunch, because that definitely wasn’t the time or place to drop that big of a bombshell on someone who is celebrating her independence from a relationship that was based on infidelity.

Chrissy politely gets up, and pounces on Kimbella, punching and kicking her until someone finally came to break it up. Yandy and Kimbella hurry and leave the party before any more serious drama happens, and Emily is left crying over this situation.


In other “Love and Hip Hop 2” news, Jimmy lost the ring that Chrissy proposed to him with, and he still hasn’t gotten her an engagement ring to make their engagement official and Jimmy’s mother released a song to Chrissy demanding respect from her future “daughter-in-law”.

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