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I’m not sure how much you guys judge books by their covers, but when I heard the phrases “Beer Chips” and “Margarita Chips,” I completely turned up my nose. Honestly – chips flavored like beer and margaritas? I’ll eat chips and wash them down with a beer or a margarita (or, in my case, probably both), but I could never really comprehend the two together.

Cut to me getting an opportunity to taste both, and honestly, they’re delicious. The beer chips are salty and have the slightest hint of beer, while the margarita chips are just as salty, but with a tangy lime flavor to go with it. The best thing about them is that they don’t taste like beer or margarita flavored chips – more like regular chips that you washed down with a drink. I guess, in that case, those who would benefit the most from this would be former alcoholics, pregnant women, and broke college students without fake IDs. Or, if you’re PMSing and therefore being a total cow, like I was, you’ll eat half the bag before you realize you should probably sew your mouth shut and share the rest of the bag with friends and coworkers.

I did an extra half hour at the gym that day…

Beer Chips, Chip Shots margarita-flavored chips, and Hot Potatoes spicy bloody mary chips (I tried those too, but they were spicy and I’m a weenie, so I gave them to Debbie, who loved them and hid them under her desk) can be ordered online or bought at various stores, like Whole Foods.

And hello – it’s Cinco de Mayo – what better time to eat them!?

Need something to wash those chips down with? Try a Cucumberita!

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