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Hi Team Beautiful! We have been so impressed with your responses on our Facebook page that we just had to share them with our whole audience!

We threw out the question: Why are lasting marriages becoming extinct? Our supporters responded with their meaningful thoughts and experiences:

Shayla Marie Anderson said that “Sometimes your marriage is going to blissful and then some days… [it] will make u crazy!.. but you’re a team you work it out and move a head.”

Towanda Cotman noted that “HELLO BEAUTIFUL I’m old school and I [believe] women don’t take the time to know what the men really need. Men…If we learn each other and earn each other… it will be a better outcome… it’s not all about sex… Look at him and her and say is he/she whom I want to grow old with have children with travel the world with.What can he bring out in me that I didn’t no exist.” Towanda got a ton of “likes” from our audience on that comment! She even gave a personal story to our audience and said discussed her marriage experience: “I tried to salvage my marriage after the storm but he talked as if he wanted us to make it but his reaction and counter reactions showed me [different].” Our team was sure to give her lots of love.

Natasha Brown put it well when she said “Simple …. no communication, no respect, no trust, no effort , and plain selfishness!” Team Beautiful gave her a lot of love for that one also!

Simone Natalie Whiteman-Lynch agreed and said that “Different people…different reasons. I think that people don’t understand [marriage] takes constant upkeep. A woman will pay to get her hair done on the regular but won’t connect with her husband for free. We let the world get in the way of our marriage.”

Ronda Williams was sorry to note that “Two people may think they know each other but it takes more than just sex, kisses and hand holding. Like starting on a new job, it’s a learning process until you have all together. It takes patience, communication, trust, respect, understanding, love but most of all GOD in your life.”

People definitely backed up Lorretta Denise Sirmans when she said “[People] are forgetting why [they] got [together] in the 1st place. What  you did to get them, is what you and to do to keep them. Communicate, laugh at their jokes, even if dare not funny, b romantic n [spontaneous], kid around like u did when u 1st got 2gether. Make him/her your best friend and share everything…. But the most important thing is never go 2 bed angry always [forgive] each other and say you love them, [because] [they] might [not] wake up 2morrow.”

Thanks for all of these incredible responses, Team Beautiful! We look forward to hearing more about what you think and sharing it with the rest of our audience.

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