Hello Beautiful people!!!

What a week of beauty it has been for me. I did two test shoots with a fantastic European photographer named Aleksandra Kazcowska and her hair stylist Sebastian The shoot was very creative so I had to call on my partner in crime Wouri Vice to style and bring his flair for fashion to these shoots. What a turn out it was for all of us!!!! Which inspired me to write this blog this week…

I’m always asked by women how they can change their look with regards to makeup. A lot of times life predicates our look because we are in a cycle of day to day and forget to “do you” for lack of a better term. We are inundated with work, kids, partners, marriages and just life. Well ladies, take a minute and just pause cause changing your look does not require a lot I’m even learning this myself…..

1. Skin: Drink water…. Yes, water! Water will hydrate you and clear your skin up. Water will detoxify you, give you a youthful glow and even aid in weight loss… So start drinking at least 8 glasses (8 oz.) Daily and build up to 12-14 glasses. Try is you will be surprised in one month there will be a change in how you look…

2. Get Moving: Movement is key it gets your blood circulating and burns excess fat that builds up especially when we have sedentary jobs that we don’t get to move around on. 20-30 minute 3 times a week will be suffice. Even watching TV during commercial breaks do some crunches, jumping jacks or just dance to get your blood flowing. If you do that 10 times in a night you will have worked out 20minutes. Again, blood flow is crucial to proper circulation which stimulates the body to changing and looking better. Relax I know I’m a mother of 2 full time and a stepmother part time. When do I have time with a hectic career to relax. Well, I’m learning to find my moment and make it a daily ritual. After I put the kids to bed at 9pm I take 10 to 15minutes to meditate or take an aromatherapy bath. Giving this time to myself allows me to decompress from my day and listen to my higher thoughts from God. This moment of peace along with some deep breathing they say just 10 can change your life and how you feel. So get breathing!!!!

3. Beauty: Take a day to visit a beauty emporium like Sephora. I know I love these moments with my mom and daughter we go to Sephora. We always find something new and we make a beauty budget so we don’t spend unnecessarily. A great way to try something new is if you like earth tones try subtle variations of them in metallic or shimmers. If you wear read lipstick try hot pink or coral. If you do way too much of everything try wearing less. With makeup the most simplest change can completely transform a person. If you want to try new bold colors start with eye liners first putting the concentration of color around the eyes will make you know if you will like eye shadow in that color.

Also, try getting faux lashes head to a MAC store and buy a natural pair and have them applied by a MAC artist (don’t forget to tip too!!!). Wearing lashes can immediately send a boost of confidence because it truly opens up eyes and gives them drama without wearing tons of makeup. If you don’t wear blush try a soft coral or a warm toffee color. Blush is an instant lift and makes anyone wearing it look happier.

So go for it. Remember a lot of times its not what makeup you’re wearing its how you feel. Start doing you and you will be amazed at fast your look starts to work for you and not against you. Be blessed and stay beautiful:)

Ashunta Contest: In May I will begin my monthly product giveaway to 5 lucky readers of my weekly blog. I will start my blog by asking a beauty related question and I want to test your beauty knowledge. For the first 5 readers to answer correctly their will be a great giveaway from a fantastic company. So stay tuned, read my blog and get ready to build your beauty case. Peace

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