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Savannah James opened up about maintaining her mystique, focusing on motherhood instead of being in the public eye, and her favorite beauty products (so you can have skin like hers).

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Whether you’re looking to thicken and strengthen your strands while battling hair loss, or to brighten skin to reduce hyperpigmentation, the beauty remedy you’ve been waiting for could come to you in an unexpected package. There are tons of hair and skin treatments (some that have been used for years) that are being unearthed to address some of our most stubborn cosmetic issues.

Another day, another Black-owned celebrity skin care brand.

If you noticed the internet shut down sometime yesterday afternoon, it was because 53-year-old living legend Toni Braxton reminded us why she’s still that chick. In a short clip, the singer walked towards the camera in a navy blue and lace bracelet, chiseled abs, a cameo jacket, black shades, red lips, and a blond buzz […]

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