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Want to meet a guy? Why not try the gym?

Below are five tips for turning your workout into a make-out.

Tip #1: Don’t wear headphones

If you’re looking to meet a guy at the gym, it’s necessary to seem like you’re open to chatting. Start by ditching the ear buds and the Ipod- they send signals that you want to be left alone – and become friendly with the regulars at your gym, including the staff. Even by just saying “hi” to people when you arrive, you will be giving off a social, approachable vibe that will attract a man’s attention.

5 ways to make exercise fun again?

Tip #2: Peruse the free weights

You may love your 10am yogilates classes on Saturdays, but the chance of your meeting anyone besides a few middle-aged moms trying to lose their paunch is slim. Instead, peruse your gym’s schedule for classes that involve boxing, martial arts, or anything that includes the words “boot camp” in the title to maximize your man meeting potential.

Another good idea is to stake out the free weights section of your gym during peak hours. Don’t worry if you’ve never lifted before; asking about proper form may just provide the perfect conversation opening! If all goes well, be sure to segue the conversation to another location for après-workout smoothies.

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Use fitness as foreplay.

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