The summertime is possibly the best season for you and your significant other to get closer. These are the times when you and your honey can just walk outside and take a walk together and not spend a single dime while experiencing some nice quality time in the sun. There are endless activities for couples to do on limited funds in the summer where you don’t have to worry about snow storms and there’s much less rain. Check out a list of Top 9 Best Summer Dates On A Budget:

1. Picnics. Although cliche, you can’t deny the romance of your guy/girl taking you to a nice secluded park, laying out a blanket on the lawn, pulling a neatly packed lunch out of a picnic basket and feeding you little sandwiches with the crust cut off.

2. Ice Cream Shop. No season is perfect, so summer is no exception. There are sure to be days that are so hot the only date you want to go on is with the deep freezer, but taking your partner on a date to an ice cream shop is a way to beat the heat for a little while. It’s a simple and inexpensive idea without coming off as too cheap, your girl is sure to give you some brownie points for trying to keep her cool.

3. The Beach. This is both simple and sexy as you both get to play up your best assets in your bathing suits while laying out in the sun, playing in the water together and pinching pennies at the same time. If you haven’t already done so, now would be a great time to start hitting the gym to ensure you keep your partner’s attention while on the beach.

4. The Fair. I know, I know, another cliche, but also very fun, simple and a great place to create memories. This event however comes with an exception, and that exception is the food. Fair food can cost just as much as food sold at the concession stands in the movie theaters, so it would most likely be best to eat prior to attending the fair.

5. Free Concerts. Who doesn’t love music? Music can be one of the biggest similarities amongst couples and what better way to reconnect than to become lost in your own little world with your honey and reminisce about the time you first established your “song” by listening to your all-time favorite artist do a live performance of it!

6. Take A Walk Together. This is great because you can go as you are, no need to put on any fancy clothes and get all dressed up. Put on some shorts and a tank top and go walking with your partner, this is your opportunity to spark up conversation. With all the new funky technologies a lot of times something so simple as talking to your partner can get lost. Talk about something that’s been heavy on your mind, ask questions you never knew the answer to and just get to know your partner. The best way to enforce this is by leaving your phones at the house, this is your quality time with your man/woman so take advantage of it. This can work for first dates just as good as it works for married couples. Not to mention, it’s great exercise. Can’t beat that.

7. Go To A Karaoke Spot. One of the most important things to do in a relationship is to HAVE FUN. Be goofy, kill the serious attitude, and just chillax. Unwind and go to a karaoke bar and sing silly funkadelic 70’s songs together. Make great memories so that when things get a little rough you can look back at them and smile and remember why it is you love that person so much.

8. Wash The Car Together. Okay so maybe this sounds more like a chore than a date, but a date is only going to be what you make it. As I’ve said before have fun, turn on some music and have your own sexy little wet t-shirt contest with your partner.  Battle it out and see which half of the car looks cleaner. Hey, it sounds silly but be creative. Nobody wants a boring relationship.

9. Window Shop. Now ladies, this may sound silly to you BUT this is your chance to point out whatever it is you’ve been eyeing for the last couple of weeks but have not been able to get. Men, take mental notes and pay very close attention. Every detail is important from size, color, brand and price. Yes, this may seem like a task and I also advise you do this ONLY with the woman you love and not just the one you want to (channels Tommy Strong from the “Martin”) “get the drawz” from. I do this a lot with my man. If you don’t have any money, just do with him/her what you’d do if you were by yourself and window shop. Hit the strip mall and just absorb everything in. And ladies, this isn’t only the time for men to take mental notes. Make it mutual, he deserves gifts too so when he lights up when he sees those dark denim LRG jeans he’s been trying to get for a while, make note of it.

Relationships and dating can be tiring but it will only be what you make of it. Therefore have fun with your partner, take advantage of the summer season, spend time with your honey and soak up the sun on a budget!

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