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Robin Thicke recently interviewed with ESSENCE magazine and talked about is his new role as a father and how it has affected his music.

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Welcome Baby Boy

It’s your first Father’s Day, how has fatherhood been? What are some of the best moments you’ve experienced since Julian was born?

All the songs that are pouring out of me. Every time I’m with him, or see him, it brings up so many new thoughts and feelings in me. I’ve been writing, because there are some amazing things I want to talk about, and they are all coming out of me at an amazing pace. Some of the best moments are when I am holding him, and I start singing my new songs to him — if he cries, I change it.

(Laughs) Your own little focus group…

Yes, and if it soothes him, I go ahead with it. The next album will be a really soothing album, that’s for sure.

What would be the one thing you personally weren’t expecting from this new life?

I didn’t expect it to mean so much. I can’t define this love, it’s a new love. It’s not like being in relationship with someone where love grows and grows. As soon as your baby is born, you’re just in love for the rest of your life. READ MORE HERE!

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