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As the end of the school year approaches, there are some things that are now down to a science! Monday mornings had a name in my house known as the “Morning Mad Dash!” However this could have actually been true for more than just Monday’s! With the snooze button at work because I was still tired from the weekend and the kids sleeping through their alarm clocks because they were also tired from the weekend, it became like pulling teeth to get out the door on-time for school . Anything from breaking up tit for tats between the kids, and the whining alone is enough to drive a mom insane! After a while it gets old and it is simply, not a good look. So how can you turn a scene like this around? Here are some sure ways to prevent this from taking place in your house.

Cape Removal Tips:

1) Get a good nights rest. Go to bed at a decent hour and have your kids do the same, by setting a bedtime, no if’s and’s buts


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