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When it comes to matters of the heart, there are always disputes on a number of things that can’t or shouldn’t be done, depending on who you’re speaking to. Most people, especially when you’re young, tend to take the advice of a close friend or family member who may have experienced some type of love or romance. And let’s keep in mind, there IS a difference between love and romance, although you can and should experience both at the same time. But, nonetheless, the views on love, sex, intimacy and anything shared between two people are always varied. Which brings up a question a lot of people ask: When is a good time to say ‘I love you!’

Surprisingly, people usually give a certain time frame or a minimum of time where it’s ok to say that scary, yet, fulfilling sentence. If you were to take a poll and ask 10 people, more than likely, you’ll get 12 different answers! Yes, I said 12 because you’ll always have that person who can’t decide for him or herself, what’s acceptable to them so they float between 2, sometimes, 3 answers. But, is there really a right time to say ‘I love you’?

Is Love Necessary For A Marriage To Work?

Most times, we, as humans, are infatuated with this new person we’re with and as most know, initially, we’re at the impression stage, you know, show them ALL your great qualities while downplaying ‘our real selves’. That’s not to say that you’re a bad or negative person, but we all have some qualities and characteristics that might not ‘sit well’ with our current love interest or with people in general! So, of course, we think we are in love with this person when we are, in fact, in love with what they are presenting us, but that’s a whole ‘nother article!

Is there a true barometer when it comes to uttering the phrase, ‘I love you’? Who knows and who makes that decision on when it’s right? My response? When you feel it in your heart and you have that warm tingling sensation any time you think of her or him and you aren’t afraid to say it and hope that he/she feels the same way. THAT’S the right time to say, “I love you!”

“I Really Want To Be With Him, But I Think He’s Playing Me”

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