The artists took to the stage to celebrate YouTube's latest initiative launching this week to inspire advertisers to prioritize inclusivity in their investment strategies to connect with the next generation of diverse consumers.


With this important cleaning tool sold out in many stores across the country, these videos will help you whip them up at home, quick!

Lebron and Savannah James' 5-year-old daughter has the most infectious and adorable natural hair and yoga videos that will most definitely put a smile on your face.

Teyana Taylor is a creative force who pours every ounce of her energy into her art of choice. If you’ve ever been to one of her shows, you already know she posses such a stage presence. But what about behind the scenes? If she as fierce of a producer as she is a performer? Hell […]


Move over LeBron, there's a new star in the family!

Is he guilty for sending the "WYD" text, or are we guilty for responding?


Patricia Bright's genuine nature and success is being recognized by the magazine.


Jackie has used her voice to bring Black women to the table with beauty brands.

Kelly Rowland is expanding her brand and her passion for motherhood into online content. The Whoa, Baby! author announced on Instagram this week that she’s teaming up with YouTube’s Awestruck to create her very own self-titled YouTube Channel. “I’m doing this channel because I wanted a cool, fun space for the new, modern mom,” said […]

Thanks to Youtube user named Darcell Bios, the Queen of Soul is hilariously shether[ing] the heck out of these girls!

We're celebrating the Black women, who are forging their way in the digital space, for Women's History Month.