Although we may not be adjusting to life without the Obama family in the White House, they are living their best lives, as they should, with vacations, spending time with friends and just generally enjoying the civilian life after being under such intense scrutiny for the past eight years. Now, they have decided to return […]


As the world mourns The First Family officially leaving the White House, it might be hard to have any positive thoughts, but this good news about the lovely Malia Obama just might help. Already on her way to Harvard, smart and beautiful Malia Obama has earned herself an internship that is the stuff of Hollywood […]

The first daughter is growing up fast. 17-year-old Malia Obama is graduating high school today in Washington D.C.

The White House’s Instagram shared the most adorable photo of the First Family on the White House lawn for Easter. Even though President Barack Obama has been in the White House for the last seven years, we’ve watched him and his beautiful family change history; so seeing their holiday family photos is more than just […]

Amanda Bynes Tweets That Barack And Michelle Are “Ugly” Amanda Bynes is at it again, but this time, she went too far! She recently tweeted that Barack and Michelle Obama are ugly, and is now receiving backlash from Obama supporters She has called many other celebs “ugly,” like Miley Cyrus, Drake and Jay-Z. She has […]

Happy Birthday President Obama! Our President turns 52 on August 4th and that’s cause for a celebration! 50 is certainly a milestone, but President Obama makes 52 look so good, we have to sing his high praises! Must Read: Happy Birthday President Obama: Our Favorite Presidential Mashups [VIDEO] I’ve never seen 52 so dapper, so […]