Also in today's round-up, Afghan officials meet with the Taliban for possible peace talks and the SC House of Representatives presides over the Confederate flag.

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The pool party cop has been sued in the past for alleged racially motivated hostility.

Get to know the awful officer from the McKinney pool party attacks who has been trained to pin down teenagers.

The officer is seen throwing a young girl in a bikini down on the ground and sitting on top her back. This is truly one of the most disturbing and disgusting things you'll see today.

Just yesterday, thousands of people in cars were trapped for six hours on a freeway that was blocked by floodwaters near the Dallas area.

Imagine if two black gangs had shot up a restaurant and left 9 dead. Now look at this picture. — Donald Kerabatsos (@Papakila) May…


After returning from a refreshing and awesome spring break vacation, a Black female student at Texas A&M Corpus Christi University was greeted by racial slurs and a drawing of a person being hanged inside of her off campus apartment bedroom. [Edited for clarity. We formerly reported this happened in the victim’s dorm room.] Some of […]

Racist sticks stating, “Exclusively For White People” have somehow surfaced on nearly a dozen storefronts in Austin, Texas because the south. This blatant display of racism is one microaggression of many that have been making Black people feel like we’re in a constant time machine. It was just last week that a man was discovered […]


Another day, another Black man’s life senselessly lost. Jason Harrison was shot three times in front of the Dallas home he lived in with his mother by a White police officer last summer. The cops John Rogers and Andrew Hutchins gave the mentally ill patient only mere seconds to stop moving and drop the screwdriver […]


The U.S. Supreme Court is reviewing the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. The Inclusive Communities Project, Inc. case for the third time and news anchor Melissa Harris-Perry thinks we should all be “very afraid.” This case has somewhat challenges the Fair Housing Act of 1968 that determined no one could be denied […]


Kametra Barbour is suing the Forney, Texas police department and chief in a huge $2 million lawsuit after she the police shockingly held at gunpoint in front of her children. Barbour and her children were mistakenly detained for involvement in a robbery. MUST READ: Saks 5th Avenue Heartlessly Claims Former Employee Can’t Sue Because She’s Transgender On […]