Witnesses also claim that Jacksonville's David Swinyar used the "N-word" to describe young African-American men.

The Justice Department is set to open a federal civil rights investigation following the emergence of a now-viral video showing a school resource officer slamming and dragging a Black female student across the classroom.

A Forestville, Md teacher was left bloodied and beaten after a student attacked him over allegations he made a racist remark. On Jan. 29, the Prince George’s County school system claimed a unnamed teacher who is white, was punched by a male student who is black, over remarks he interpreted as racially insensitive. The teacher was […]

This shocking story happened in 2009 and it’s something that still bothers us and it’s sure to bother you too beauties. 7-year-old Lamya Cammon was playing with her hair in class, like most 7-year-old girls do, when her Congress Elementary school teacher asked her to stop. The teacher then called her to the front of the class […]

I’m a proud consumer of the ratchet, yet riveting videos World Star typically posts. However, there was something more to this video they posted a month ago of a South Shore student from Chicago snapping on her teacher because she’s “tired” of not learning. Must Read: Can You Maintain Your Sense Of Self & Still […]

Can a hardworking, devoted teacher be fired for her sexual activities outside of school in her own home? Apparently, she can.

Should a child’s choice of shampoo really be a factor in their education? Ask Charles Mudede, who’s 8-year-old daughter was moved from an honors elementary school class due to the teacher feeling nauseous from the child’s olive oil based hair product. The child was allegedly brought outside the classroom and eventually moved to a different […]