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Should a child’s choice of shampoo really be a factor in their education? Ask Charles Mudede, who’s 8-year-old daughter was moved from an honors elementary school class due to the teacher feeling nauseous from the child’s olive oil based hair product. The child was allegedly brought outside the classroom and eventually moved to a different classroom because the teacher felt like she was allergic to the child’s hair product. These actions, combined with the fact that the child was the only African-American in the accelerated program have caused some controversy. This moving of classrooms was done without the parents’ knowledge or consent and never explained after the fact.

The child’s father tells his side of the story: We decided not to send our daughter to school until the teacher had medical proof that our daughter’s hair or something in her hair was to blame for the nausea. (The last thing you want to happen to your daughter is for a teacher to faint or vomit at the mere sight of her.) Days passed and the school took no action. This unresponsiveness left us with no other choice than to turn o a lawyer. The whole thing is a mess. Getting entangled in a racial dilemma is something most black parents do not want for their children. It’s just not worth the trouble. Then again, like I said, if not checked and confronted, the incident will have permanent consequences for my child.”

Did the teacher have the authority to do this or was there discrimination involved? Post your thoughts in the comments section.

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