These six tattoo aftercare tips from Dr. Mona Gohara can save you from dealing with infected ink and skin.

You were young, spontaneous and in your prime. But now, the sight of it is a permanent reminder of a massive youthful mistake. Now what? Well sis, you have options.

Women are always flocking to the latest beauty craze to make themselves appear more beautiful. From concrete butt implants to miles and miles of sewn in tresses and butterfly-inspired eyelashes, there are no limits to how far we’ll go for beauty standards set by some invisible chauvinistic man who’s never had to don a pair […]

Kat Von D who recently debuted her Jesse James childhood tribute tattoo in ‘LA Ink’ promo, following the couple’s break up announcement says she’s keeping the new tat. The tat of Jesse as a 5th grader appears on her side, was done right before the breakup, and her surprise presentation to him of it was […]

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose have been dating for about a minute, and guess what he did to show his love for Amber? He gets a tatt with  “Amb” on his thumb. I mean really??? Maybe he can add a “L” when the relationship is over. Why do people feel the need to ink someone’s […]

Brandy recently got a tattoo of Hindu God Ganesh, remover of obstacles, tattooed on her forearm. We’re hoping it works and brings the singer a new man and hit album! Take a look at the finished product: Brandy Helps Feed The Homeless On Christmas Eve [PHOTOS] Brandy In Upscale Magazine: “People Still Call Me Murderer” […]

I love to see Black love. My Grandparents were together for over fifty years until the time of my Granny’s death months ago. Neither of them ever felt the need to get a tattoo before their marriage or after to confirm their love. I am a fan of all Black love. However, I am not […]