The experience taught her to speak up. "“Just because you're paying my paycheck. It doesn't mean that like, I'm just going to sit here and do whatever you want. I'm still a human being," she said.

See what's trending for the upcoming season modeled by beautiful Black women!

The Gucci Cruise 2020 collection is a reminder to keep your hands off women's (well dressed) bodies. Would you wear any of these pieces?


Before Eddie Jarel Jonesx was stalking the fifty-foot runway in the center ring of the circus that is New York Fashion Week they were strutting around their mother’s Ohio bedroom wearing her size 7 heels.

A part of the franchise since Season 1, Editor In Chief of Elle Magazine, Nina Garcia, tells Hello Beautiful, "this is the most inclusive season, it's the most diverse season we've ever had from the judges to the models to the contestants."

The fashion features over-the-knee sneaker boots that are perfect for walking through New York City or the streets of Paris.


The brand has never shied away from politics in clothes, and this collection is no different.