Italian gymnast, Carlotta Ferlito is currently under fire for making a racial comment in response to Simone Biles (a Black girl on the USA team) winning the all-around world champion. As the first Black gymnast to master this fete, Simone reminds us of another flipping brown girl fave–Gabby Douglas. Douglas was the first Black gymnast […]

Shelley Owens, who is White and her fiance, who is Black, were both at work when they received word that their house was on fire. Reports say the fire department was called to Owens’ home in Council Bluffs in Iowa. Her home was ablaze and the “N-word” was spray painted on their walls. Must Read: […]

Just when you thought there weren’t enough insulting sites in the world, there’s a new one! was designed to help you avoid the “ghetto” parts of town, where your pristine White family (pictured above) can feel safe while wandering around various towns. Clutching your bag will be no more when you vacation in an […]

Have you ever watched the voyeuristic reality show, “Big Brother?” It’s a CBS show that follows the lives of willing participants who want to live out their lives on camera as they face household challenges that tests their will to do without certain luxuries like food, beds, etc. In season 15 of “Big Brother,” we’re […]

Paula Deen continues to make headlines extremely dynamic this week. Her latest? She’s hired crisis firm Smith & Co. to rebound her flailing career. The celebrity chef has lost her job on the Food Network and her sponsorships from Smithfield Foods and Caesar’s Entertainment (which carries four of Paula’s branded restaurants) however, she has gained […]

Celebrity chef, Paula Deen has been facing the fire lately for alleged racist and sexist comments in her Savannah restaurant. Deen stood Matt Lauer up, as she was scheduled to appear on his show to offer her formal apology. After tweeting that a public apology was coming, Paula appeared via video and apologized for her […]

Paula Deen finally issued a weak apology for her use of racist words and sexist jokes towards her employees in her Georgia restaurant. The buttery goddess stood Matt Lauer and the “Today Show” up this morning, as she was scheduled to appear on the show and issue her mea culpa. Must Read: 10 Tips To […]

Ludacris’ African girlfriend, Eudoxie Agnan headed back home to Gabon to gift little African girls with dolls. The dolls she chose didn’t reflect the chocolate skin that a majority of those African girls have, instead, Eudoxie showed up with White dolls for them. Must Read: CHICK CHAT: Have Toys Gone Too Far With The Breastfeeding […]

From the “Big Gas Savings” to the “Ship My Pants,” K-Mart’s commercials have been super taboo lately. YouTube comedians have taken notice and made it their business to take those commercials to the next level with an even more taboo spoof. Must Read: 10 Bloggers Whose Closets We’d Love To Raid I love a good […]

You would think that by now, in 2013, integration wasn’t even a term that’s used because, well, we should all be mingling together, no matter how much pigment is in our skin. Students from Georgia’s Wilcox County high school had their first integrated prom, ever. Students were beyond excited that they were able to dance […]

In one of Essence Magazine’s “Ask Abiola,” a woman who calls herself “Black and Proud” complained about her lackluster sex life with her White husband. According to her story, Black and Proud met her hubby at a reunion for the ivy league school they attended and after six months of dating, the two lovebirds wed. […]

Black people and their undying love for watermelon is a racist stereotype with roots embedded in slavery. Which is why many Black people refuse to even enjoy the refreshing and delicious treat, in public anyway. However, there may be a way to get your watermelon fix without the unspoken discomfort of being the but of […]