Philando Castile‘s mother has blasted the head of the NRA for remaining silent on her son’s lawful right to own a gun. It’s been almost two years since Philando was gunned down by police while sitting in a car and complying with their orders. In that time, the NRA has not come to his defense […]

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The Houston Museum of African-American Culture opened an exhibition for Black History Month that honors Sandra Bland.

Reynolds will receive the settlement from the city of St. Anthony a year after witnessing Castile's fatal shooting.

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Jeronimo Yanez accepted the buyout after being acquitted in Castile's fatal July 2016 shooting.

It seems impossible to scroll through your Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, and news alerts without being bombarded with images of Black and brown men, women and even children being murdered in cold blood at the hands of police all over the country.

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The two sides “moved expeditiously” to resolve the case and start the healing process.

On Friday a Minnesota jury handed down a not guilty verdict to Jeronimo Yanez, the police officer who fatally shot Philando Castile in 2016.

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The jury handed down the verdict after 27 hours of deliberating.

The police department linked to the death of Philando Castile is distancing itself from the town where he was shot to save money. The world was stunned as Philando’s fiancee broadcast the deadly traffic stop where the magnet school cafeteria supervisor was shot by officer Jeronimo Yanez last July on Facebook Live. Now, the St. […]

They claim the 32-year-old was negligent because he was high on marijuana while driving and did not obey the officer's commands.