Countess and Paula's friend Carmen called each other out on being shady.

Comedienne Carmen talked a lot of smack about the divas during a standup routine. It didn't go over well.

Malika and Countess have some unfinished business, while Paula and the crew seem to have made up for now.

Forrest serves Eddie Kane realness at he and Paula's re-commitment ceremony, there's a major divide in the group, and more.

Paula takes on a big assignment, Forrest apologizes for ketchup-gate, and more.

Golden Brooks and Lisa Wu are being the best mean girls they can be.

Guess what beauties, looks like there’s a new reality show for us to get addicted to. “Hollywood Divas” premieres on October 8th and follows actresses Elise Neal (“The D.L. Hughley Show”), Golden Brooks (‘Girlfriends’), Paula Jai Parker (“Booty Call”), Countess Vaughn (“Moesha”) and Lisa Wu (“Real Housewives Of Atlanta” season one) giving us a glimpse into their personal lives as they […]