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Just Kicking It

Lisa Wu kicks it with her siblings, and discusses her mother being ill and how devastating of a toll it’s taking on her family. However, Lisa, inspired by her mother’s strength and courage, decides to host a brunch to honor her mom, and she wants to invite everyone to come through…as if she’s not going to be embarrassed in front of her family with that White Sistas drama still going on.

Paula Jai’s Assignment

Here we find Paula Jai and Forrest post therapy. Paula gets dramatic about the pastor-therapist’s advice, and says she’s going to try harder to not be overbearing toward Forrest and their son. She then leaves her husband and son for a night so that she could get her head together as per “her assignment” from the pastor-therapist, to go back to the place that took her to her lowest point, so that she could face her fears.

Paula ends up checking into the hotel she stayed in back when her family was homeless. In a dramatic sequence, we watch Paula read her bible, and we also hear her do a voice over about staying in the hotel being lowest point in her life, and about how you can achieve anything if you believe…and all that motivational stuff.

Paula invites Lisa by her room to reconnect. Lisa seems supportive, and gives her a motivational speech about how she can never return to that dark place. Lisa then invites Paula and Forrest to her impending brunch.

Back at home, Paula invites Forrest to Lisa’s brunch, and says he should apologize to everyone for the dinner that went left, because of course the brunch is the most appropriate place to apologize for something like that, but he’s not with it. He says that he needs to be a man, and if he wants to lose his temper and insinuate the use of a ketchup bottle as a weapon then that’s what it’s gonna be. True story, he said that…kind of.

The Brunch

Shar, Golden and Re’Shawn get to Lisa’s brunch first, and the latter two fill Shar in about Forrest threatening Re’Shawn with a ketchup bottle. Countess trickles in next, and the vibes are still good. Everyone looks nice in their all-white (because you know black people love all white events). Paula arrives with her mom, wearing mustard, because she’s Paula, but at least Forrest decided not to come, which is probably for the best.

Lisa’s mom, despite being sick comes through, and looks amazing and then we get some really good news. Lisa reveals that her mom is 75% cancer free, and people’s eyes start sweating as Lisa delivers a touching tribute to her mom’s bravery. Just as we think this event is going to go off without a hitch, Forrest shows up after all. He delivers a strange speech about how much he loves mothers, and how he appreciates all the mothers in the room, and then uses that as a way to segue into his apology to everyone in the room that he offended at that dinner, and then he dips out. His apology was basically along the lines of, “I’m sorry you were mad, and I’m out.” It was weird, but um…at least he apologized, right?

Golden and Countess aren’t amused. They both think this is Forrest still being shady, and it’s hard to dispute that idea. Paula hopes the girls get that it was “his way of apologizing.” Lisa doesn’t stress it, but this definitely isn’t over because, remember, there still hasn’t been any resolution about what’s actually going to happen with The White Sistas.

Plus, Elise returns next week.


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