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Forrest Rehashes The Drama

Forrest tells Paula about the disastrous dinner with the crew. He claims that Golden, Lisa, Countess, and Re’Shaun (Lisa’s business partner) attacked him, and that they said he didn’t write The White Sistas, and doesn’t deserve rights to it. Paula rides for him, of course. She’s upset that they have the nerve to question his work, and even shades Re’Shaun for saying that he can help take The White Sistas to the next level since he has 13 films under his belt (backstory: Re’Shaun actually helped them set up production for The White Sistas). One of those films happens to be Christmas in Compton, which, okay, we get the jokes and the shade, but um, Paula…never forget:


More White Sistas Discussion That Goes Nowhere

Countess, Golden and Re’Shaun meet up at Lisa’s place (Elise is missing because she’s working), and apologize to Re’Shaun for Forrest’s attempted assault with a ketchup bottle. They believe that Forrest is violent and that they can’t possibly work with him, but they gon’ get their cut of The White Sistas, though. Paula still isn’t here for them, or their claims that they deserve a dang thing. The conversation goes nowhere, and we leave off on the same note as before—Forrest owns it. Suck it up.

Golden Gets Her Groove Back

Golden goes on a date with a man she met at the NAACP Awards. He’s an entrepreneur whom she says  intrigues her, but it’s really not that deep, though. She meets him at his home, where he bought cooks a romantic dinner. I’m hatin’ a little bit, but the date is actually kind of sweet. It starts to look like a scene from a Black 90s romance flick after he blindfolds her, and then feeds her things like smoked salmon, champaign, caviar, and eventually his lips! They share a tender kiss, but it doesn’t go farther than that because Golden claims she has a six-month rule, like this is Girlfriends, or something!

He seems like a nice guy, but given the nature of reality TV, rest assured that the count down until the crazy ex-babymama, or something even more egregious surfaces.

Countess Bosses Up

Countess and her manager Noni meet with Countess’ friend/stylist/assistant to tell him that he sucks as his job. He doesn’t take this very well, clearly demonstrating the unprofessionalism they’re not happy with, and finally, after unnecessary conversation and him going off about nothing instead of just taking the criticism and wanted to do better, they fire him. There’s probably going to be some new gossip leaked about Countess tomorrow. He seems kinda petty like that.

 Paula And Her Mom Get Much Needed Oxygen

Paula takes her mom to an oxygen bar, obvi something they’re both in need of. However, not enough seems to be flowing, because Mama Paula launches into her usual spiel about being disappointed in Paul’s choice of a husband. She feels that Paula is too controlling, and that it’s Paula who keeps Forrest from being gainfully employed, because she won’t let him be great. It’s also Forrest’s fault too, because, according to mama Paula, no real man would just allow his woman to force him out of work. Mama Paula says that Forrest should get all the rights to The White Sistas, and that Paula needs to just sit on her hands and allow him to keep running it into the ground doing manly work things with it. Paula says she’s tired of her mother’s 1950s mentality, and the only solution they come up with is to go to a counselor.

Later on in the episode the counselor actually does uncover that Paula genuinely has control issues. It’s true that she hinders Forrest from being able to work in part because she wants him to fail due to her own personal fear and insecurities that he may leave her. Forrest and Mama Paula join the session later on, and mom’s control issues over Paula are discussed. This is when things get really deep. It turns out that Paula was molested when she was five, and whatever feelings she and her mom had about the situation were never really resolved. Paula’s mom developed her controlling nature over Paula out of feeling guilty and ashamed of what happened to her daughter. Paula then realizes why her mom is the way she is, and how this actually affects her behavior with Forrest. Both mother and daughter break down in tears, and Paula tells her mom that she forgives her, and wants her to forgive herself. Moving forward, Paula will have to work on her controlling nature toward Forrest, and allow him to flourish.

None of this has to do with The White Sistas, though. That’s more about shady business practices than it is psychology and unresolved issues.

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