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The core of tonight’s episode of Hollywood Divas was drama as usual, but more specifically it was people’s messy friends getting in the mix (and trying to get that camera time popping).

In the opening scene we discovered Lisa is kinda sorta interested in a man she met. He’s a fellow “actor,” but not only did she discover a bumper sticker on his car that said, “I love vagina,” which is extra, she also did some snooping and seems to believe the sticker might be an overcompensation because he actually may not like women at all. She explained all of this to Golden (who wasn’t in tonight’s episode much), who told her she probably should let that go if she’s looking for husband material. Sounds like Lisa has some more investigating to do.

Countess is still pushing forward with recording new music, but she’s struggling with a hoarse voice and somehow thinks that Cheetos helps with that.


Paula Jai Parker booked a role on Ray Donovan. We’re never going to stop hearing about that, but hey, at least she got what sounds like a good job. At least some actresses on this show are working.


Speaking of working, let’s get back to Countess’ music situation, which brings us to the day of her video shoot. For some reason, no one had the music, and Countess seemed to think Lisa Wu would be the one to bring the master, but Lisa said she was there for moral support and was never told anything about being responsible for the music. In other words, why on Earth would she have it when Countess has assistants and Savanna, her stylist/manager person, there to take care of business? It’s not really Lisa’s fault that the music is missing, but this day wasn’t a complete fail because it turned up and the video was shot. We haven’t seen the finished project yet, but you know that’s going to be another story.

Michelle made a guest appearance as one of the casting producers for her biopic. Malika and Lisa ran into each other at the audition, but they seemed to talk more so about the tension between some of the women, mainly Paula Jai, Golden, and Countess. Of course, they want everyone to get together to “talk about it” because that’s always the solution, right?


In the episode’s conclusion, Lisa, Malika, Countess, Savanna, Paula, and her messy comedienne friend Carmen met up presumably to clear the air. But let’s be real, Countess brought Savanna as her back up and Paula brought Carmen as her back up. Golden is the only one who didn’t show and it was probably for the best because Savanna and Carmen immediately started taking things in a messy direction. They brought up the fact that Golden allegedly got fired from a table read (related to that gig that she booked earlier in the season that she was super excited about). The lesson here is, don’t mention the gig until you actually make it to the screening. Anyway, Carmen and Countess then got into it over Carmen’s messy routine where she was going in on the divas. They started arguing about Countess always popping off after the fact and out of earshot, which is what she did when it came to Carmen’s set, and it all really just went down hill because Savanna jumped in and, yeah, it just became an unproductive pit bull friend fail. No fists were thrown though. They all dispersed before that happened, but they’ll pick up all this messiness during next week’s season finale.


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