Meanwhile, if you're an alleged domestic abuser, you're defended by #45's administration.

Omarosa Manigault and Keshia Knight Pulliam had a heated exchange over Bill Cosby and the president. It’s only been days since Omarosa stepped foot in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and she has already found herself in a sticky situation. With nothing but time on their hands, the contestants have a chance to get to […]

Isn't the former White House aide the same person that once told folks to bow down to #45?


Despite the drama-filled 24 hours that have surrounded her departure from the White House, Omarosa Manigault managed to head to the Good Morning America studios for a sit-down interview with host Michael Strahan. Yesterday, reports started flying about Omarosa’s unceremonious exit from the Oval Office, after White House correspondent April Ryan tweeted that Omarosa tried to […]


April Ryan spilled the tea.

#45's chief of staff John Kelly has put the former reality star and other aides on a "no fly list," banning "unfit" staffers from crashing important gatherings.

Attendees were outraged after discovering Manigault was scheduled to speak on a panel about police brutality and state sanctioned violence.

We wonder what White House aide Omarosa thinks about her boss' recent remarks?

At the 2017 National Action Network Convention, the political correspondent had very harsh words for the President and his Black aide.