Come and help us celebrate the 50 dynamic Black women featured in our first annual SpeakHER50 list!

This is how David Hogg is reconciling and leveraging his white privilege.


TV One's original movie 'Media' brought the drama, twists and turns.

From sex and lies to family drama, TV One's 'Media' is about to be your favorite new guilty TV pleasure.

More stars have been added to NBC's live version of The Wiz, while Shaft is headed back to the big screen.

Despite their damaging psychological effects, we continuously watch and enjoy violence over and over again.

He said the word because he meant the word, not as insult but example.

Holt has consistently been kicking ass and taking names ever since he took over Williams’ anchoring job.

I get a lot of my news from Twitter and happened to be perusing my personal timeline in the wee hours of Sunday morning when I came across yet another story about a young Black teen who was shot multiple times and killed at the hands of the police. His name is  Michael Brown, and he was unarmed at the […]