Financial Freedom

We all have those lies–large and small–we tell ourselves to justify why we do the things that we do. The reality is that every single decision we make is either helping us or hurting us. There really isn’t much grey area there. Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not now, really doesn’t matter. Our […]

US Banks take in over $38 billion in overdraft fees, which equate to more than 75% of the fees they charge on consumer deposits period. With the economy so tight these days, do you really have additional money to throw out the window? MUST READ: Think You Know Miami? Think Again As I often remind my […]

Despite the advancement we’ve endured over the last 50 years, generational poverty and financial illiteracy continue to run rampant in the Black community. We’ve been able to earn substantially more over time and yet fiscally we remain disproportionately behind our counterparts. MUST READ: Think You Know Miami? Think Again If financial education tops the list […]

Gary Dourdan has been sued by HSBC bank over his credit card balance. According to TMZ, HSBC filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court claiming Dourdan owes $88,024.95 for credit card purchases over the last four years, plus cash advances. MUST READ: Think You Know Miami? Think Again HSBC has tried calling him several times […]

The Sucker These men are sweet and generous, but there’s a fine line between being giving and being taken advantage of. We’re not talking about the guys who donate a portion of their salary to their favorite charity. We’re talking about men who golddiggers flock to because they can sense his inability to say “no.” […]