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The Sucker

These men are sweet and generous, but there’s a fine line between being giving and being taken advantage of. We’re not talking about the guys who donate a portion of their salary to their favorite charity. We’re talking about men who golddiggers flock to because they can sense his inability to say “no.” Maybe it’s the sister who “needs” a designer jacket, or the buddy who buys that big-screen TV before he can actually afford it. You name it, he’ll open his wallet. This kind of man might bode well for you if you’re looking for someone to buy you bobbles, but his bank account will dry up in no time.

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The Procrastinator

While these guys may be sensitive and carefree, they simply can’t hold onto their money. Balancing their checkbooks is never top of mind, but they’ll get to it… eventually. Procrastinators use their debit cards far too often – like it’s some kind of magical money card – only to have their mystical beliefs shattered when they discover they owe $75 in overdraft fees.  Don’t be surprised if these men come running to you to help them get out of deep water. These guys live paycheck to paycheck in a never-ending cycle. If you find yourself falling for the Procrastinator, save yourself some hassles – and dollars – by keeping your finances separate.

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The Money Tracker

These men love money so much that they actually track every penny they spend in an Excel worksheet. In your time of need, they can be very understanding and may even lend you money to help out. But borrower beware! Even if you’re this guy’s significant other, he’ll consider the amount borrowed a loan. While these men won’t hold it over your while you’re dating, the minute you dump them, they’ll make you pay them back before the break-up is final – with interest to boot. And if you’re not borrowing cash, you better believe the Money Tracker is keeping tabs on every time you “go dutch.” He’s always a little too quick to remind you that he paid for lunch or that you owe him a coffee too.

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The One-Upper

These men are all about using their money to win your heart. They’ll spend big to make a big impression, but don’t be fooled. The One Upper isn’t opening his wallet out of the goodness of his heart; it’s all a game. He may buy you gifts for no reason or plan over-the-top date nights. And the longer you date, the more “impressive” he gets. But it’s the competition that drives him, not his adoration for you. After buying him a watch, he quickly runs out and buys you the most expensive Rolex he can find. You’ll only experience anxiety because nothing you do will ever be good enough.

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