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Cookie Lyons Empire Season One

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Tonight on Empire we find Cookie still having a hard time dealing with Lucious having a son she didn’t know about. It’s not so much about Kingsley as it is Cookie being tired of being blindsided by Lucious. She really just wants to start doing things differently but realizes that that probably won’t really happen given all the bad karma they have coming back to them. This conversation also makes it obvious that a rift is starting to form between them. Their solid foundation is crumbling.

Next, we find Andre with his girlfriend. He gets a call from his doctor behind that bloody nose seizure incident, but he says everything is okay. Obviously, everything isn’t ok but Andre is going to front like everything is okay. Later on in the episode, he gets another call from his doctor with test results, but we don’t hear what those results are. This is probably going to drag out but he could possibly be the person in the coffin since the voice over at the end of the episode said we’ll soon find out which Lyon is 6 feet under.

Meanwhile back at Empire, Cookie and Lucious, who are co-CEO’s and Giselle, their partner, are trying to get things back on track. Their fans have lost confidence so it’s go time. But they need money to really make moves, which brings us to the next scene.

We find Cookie, Lucious, Giselle and Thirsty sitting with Damon Cross. Cookie recognizes him from when they were stuck in the elevator but he doesn’t recognize her. Anyway, the point is they need Damon Cross shady expertise and connections to help get their money out of an offshore account, money that Eddie embezzled. Damon is down because he’ll get a nice cut too. This means that Damon and Cookie have to head to Panama to talk to Damon’s connect. It’s a man named Julio who is the gatekeeper of the offshore account. Later on, we find out that Damon did actually remember Cookie from the elevator. He said he pretended not to remember Cookie because Lucious might have gotten jealous and probably wouldn’t have let her come on the trip. Obviously, Damon is playing a dangerous game, but they do have chemistry.

Let’s fast forward a bit. Cookie and Damon finally meet up with Julio and actually get the money they wanted. Once all that’s out the way, play time commences. Cookie and Damon get on the floor for a sexy salsa session and Damon really starts pushing up. Cookie blocks him for now but he definitely doesn’t care that she’s married. He also tells her she’ll be back. Cookie is feeling him, but her ego boost party gets shut down when she gets back to her room and discovers that Lucious decided to follow her to Panama to surprise her and tell her that he wants to be a better person.

Finally, the episode concludes with an FBI agent named Megan paying Thirsty a visit to ask questions about Damon Cross. Thirsty plays dumb at first but Megan gets down to the nitty-gritty and asks him whether it’s Lucious Lyon’s or Damon Cross’ freedom he’s going to trade for his own. We know Thirsty and if all goes well, he’s going to ride with Lucious but it will be interesting to see just how wicked Damon Cross is. Right now he’s still mysterious but we know it’s about to go down.


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