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Pooh brings the mess on tonight’s episode of <em>Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta</em>. We pick up from the mele in Trinidad. Mimi, for whatever reason, thought bringing Pooh would be a good idea but all Pooh did was rehash old drama by talking about how Karlie poo’d (no pun intended) on their sheets during their freaky threesome activities and other dumb stuff. Security shut down any attempts at physical fighting because they’re the real MVP’s.

Let’s fast forward a bit to another day. Karlie takes the group to meet her family at their home but she can’t fully enjoy herself because she’s still disturbed about earlier. Karlie pulls Mimi aside and asks her what the heck she was thinking by bringing Pooh. Mimi regurgitates the same ol’ talk about wanting them to make amends, yatta yatta. Then things get awkward when Karlie’s relatives start prying. Karlie’s cousin asks why Joc is there but her fiance isn’t. Then she asks if Kendra is okay with the fact that Joc and Karlie are cool given their history. Obviously, Kendra is fake-okay with the situation but she’s definitely not here for this discussion with the cousin so she walks out so she can mind her temper and her business.

And guess what? Pooh is still in Trinidad after all of this. The next day she links up separately with Rasheeda and Mimi because they want to get her side of the story. Rasheeda delivers the memo from Captain Obvious that they’re both being petty and ridiculous. So, Pooh agrees to try again. Meanwhile, Karlie is hanging out with Kendra and The Bam. Eventually, Mimi and Rasheeda join them, and we can assume Pooh is still on the bus or something because she doesn’t appear at first. Anyway, Mimi and Rasheeda pull Karlie aside to once again see if they can talk.

Then Pooh finally appears and the millionth peace talk begins. At first, they do the back and forth thing again. Karlie wants Pooh to admit that Pooh lied, that she never slept with her husband, and they never had a threesome. Pooh remains firm in that it did happen. Then Karlie says something interesting. She says, “My dude doesn’t care what happened between us. When I met him I stopped f–king with you.”

Say what now?

But didn’t Karlie previously deny any and all relations with Pooh and/or her husband?

Anyway, this convo surprisingly remains civil but nothing really gets resolved. They just move on…I guess.

Then they separate again. Mimi and Rasheeda are back with Pooh. Rasheeda brings up how Karlie played them the recording she had of Hiriam saying they never did anything yatta yatta. But then Pooh plays a recording of that convo she had with Hiriam talking about how he lied because would never tell the truth about messing with Karlie because “OG’s don’t kiss and tell.”

In other news, Scrapp links up with Stevie to express his grievances. Turns out, Stevie didn’t support Scrapp because he was dealing with his own federal case. Then Scrapp asks him about the rumor he slept with Tommie. So, what had happened was, according to Stevie, they were in a car together and she pulled out his beefcake. Her version as per last season’s reunion is that he flashed her. The one thing where they’re consistent is that they did not have sex. Stevie apologizes though because there was kind of a thing with Tommie. Scrapp accepts and they move on.

Later on, Scrappy and Bambi go to dinner. It’s all good at first but then Scrappy says he wants to work on making another baby. Bambi says she isn’t interested in having another baby at the moment because she just had a baby, and needs a moment to recuperate, duh! But then she spills tea from a convo she had earlier with Kendra. Kendra told her that she doesn’t want kids with Joc. She is not trying to be babymama number five.

Obviously, that news gets back to Joc and he’s hurt because he was planning to propose. It’s odd that he’s as taken aback as he is though. It’s not like he already has 8 kids with the oldest being about to turn 19 or anything.

Anyway, bow he’s rethinking things with Kendra and it gets worse later on. Basically, Karlie takes the group to a party where Jock, who is drunk out of his mind, pulls up to Pooh, who is dancing provocatively, and pours water on her butt. Kendra happened to see that and she loses it. She pulls Joc to the side to see what’s up and he brings up the whole thing about her not wanting to have his baby. And we end on that note.


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