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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta starts with Mimi and Pooh kicking it and talking about their respective issues. Mimi’s girlfriend, Ty, is upset with her because Stevie left a shady caption on her social media (under a photo of her with Eva). Mimi isn’t interested in feeding Stevie’s attention grabs, but that translates to Ty as Mimi not being serious. Ty also seems to hit a nerve when she tells Mimi to smarten up about how Stevie J gets down. That’s enough for Mimi to agree to having a chat at Stevie. Meanwhile, Pooh still wonders why people who were on the Trinidad trip don’t really want to deal with her, and Mimi actually has to explain why. I don’t have to explain that to y’all though, right? I hope not.

Next Kirk, Scrapp Deleon, and Yung Joc kick it. Kirk mentions that he’s about to host some relationship seminars. Hold that thought because that’s going to come into play later. Then the topic shifts to Joc. He mentions, once again, that he plans to propose to Kendra. However, the kicker is that he hasn’t even told his babymamas yet. We all think that’s going to be an issue, right?

Well, guess what? It’s actually not.

In the next scene, we find Joc with two (out of four) babymamas, Sina and Alex. He tells them his plans to propose and they’re actually okay with it. Even, Sina, the crazy one. Sina, actually likes Kendra!

Next, Karlie meets up with Rasheeda to discuss her relationship drama. She insinuates that she’s in an abusive (verbally) and controlling relationship. Rasheeda says she noticed that Karlie hasn’t been herself in this relationship and tells her she has to leave. Rasheeda has great relationship advice when it comes to other people, but I digress. Karlie seems to know what needs to be done because she already moved out of their home.

Next, we find Akbar V recording with Hiriam, but this is really a setup for Pooh to come through and complain to her about how now one likes her. Pooh thinks they’re followers and that they’re bullying her. Akbar takes her side, of course. Then Shekinah’s name comes up. Akbar mentions that she has a baby by a man Shekinah used to mess with. Obviously, there’s tension there.

Speaking of Shekinah, Karlie stops by to get her hair done and they do what you do when you get your hair done, chit chat. Shekinah tells Karlie what she heard from Joc’s business partner, Sharonda, about Joc flirting with the stylists at his salon. Karlie mentions that she used to date Joc⁠—as if we don’t remember or get reminded of that every other episode⁠—and says that he’s so sneaky that they would be out on dates and he’d get waitresses’ numbers on the low. Shekinah knows what she’s doing. She knows dang well that Karlie is going to play carrier pigeon with this info.

Mimi confronts Stevie about his passive aggressive BS, and this scene is typical of the two of them. It’s Mimi pretending to be mad as if she doesn’t like the attention, and Stevie acting like an overgrown child and antagonizing Mimi with passive aggressive comments. It doesn’t go well. The point of this, though, is that Mimi wants Stevie to keep her and Ty’s names out of his mouth.

Karlie Redd gets some good news. She passed her test to become a sex coach or sex therapist or…anyway, she’s having a celebration party. This is where she tells her girls that the therapy session with Mo didn’t go over well. Sina also shows up and she mentions that Joc wants to propose to Kendra. Karlie didn’t know but know that she does, she uses this moment to be messy and share what Shekinah told her about flirting with the women at the salon. The cards will tumble next week when Kendra finds out.

Now we’re at Kirk and Rasheeda’s relationship seminar. Shekinah interviews the couple of honor because we all want relationship advice from Kirk and Rasheeda.

But the fun gets busted up when Akbar V shows up to antagonize Shekinah. She pretends to that she’s innocently asking a question, only to address Shekinah about messing with her ex. Akbar is trying to embarrass Shekinah, but Shekinah, who has been on several reality TV shows and needs much less attention, keeps it mostly cute. There’s a slight back and forth at first, but security gets Akbar V up outta there.

Next week Kendra confronts Joc about the rumor that obviously gets back to her.


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