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We find the crew still luxuriating in their Hawaii drama at the beginning of tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Phaedra and Kenya bond over some tennis and talk about that fail of a “restoration” that Phaedra attempted. Cynthia and Peter meet up for breakfast to celebrate Peter’s birthday. Cynthia surprises him with food and a bible.


Their exchange actually wasn’t as awkward as you might think. They had a real conversation about the demise of their marriage. Peter said he thought he was an awful husband, but Cynthia said that it was probably more her than anything. That’s when Peter points out what he probably knew all along—Cynthia is just not the marrying kind. It’s not something she ever really wanted, and if you look at her relationship history, that has long been clear. It’s good to see them settle the air on good terms, like mature adults.


Anyway, you know it usually all goes down for this group over meals, but they insist on meeting up despite the fact. This time, they get together for dinner to celebrate Peter’s birthday. Sheree obviously feels awkward with Bob around because their situation isn’t resolved, but things remain calm for the sake of Peter’s birthday. In fact, they celebrate Peter with a roast. They got their corny jokes off and some of it was actually kind of funny, especially when Peter ended up roasting Porsha instead of the other way around.

Later on, they find themselves enjoying a boat ride. Sheree and Bob snuck off for a private chat, and he kind of apologized to her, but then wanted to know why she left him at the jewelry store.


Sheree broke it down for him that his cavalier attitude about his (alleged) abuse is disrespectful. Eventually, Sheree ends up in tears explaining what it was like to be in a relationship with him, being mistreated, and it still doesn’t really seem to register with Bob. However, he did at least get that there is no romantic future for them. The rest of the boat ride went without event.

Kenya decides to gather the girls to help her set up a surprise divorce party for Phaedra. Phaedra shows up in a grumpy mood, claiming she’s sick (y’all know that fake polite “Southern Belle” stuff she does). She didn’t want to wear her sash or participate in any of the goofy penis games planned, and eventually leaves early. Later on, it comes out (through Porsha), that Phaedra left because she felt the women were “mocking the sacrament of marriage,” and “celebrating the breakup of a family,” and she felt some type of way that Kenya, the woman who was “texting her husband” had the nerve to throw the party.

Phaedra, who allegedly was allegedly cheating on Apollo (according to Kandi, and Kenya) went to jail, and who is always contradicting her holly image (read: stripper gear on vacay around other women’s husbands) had the nerve to be upset about something that was supposedly buried.



It’s odd that Phaedra would bring up that drama from two years ago. In case you forgot, Kenya said Apollo was texting her, and Apollo said Kenya was the one who was trying to get with him, but we did actually see them flirting with each other. Kenya started it and then Apollo line-stepped when he grabbed Kenya and jumped in the pool like they were high school crushes.

They were both inappropriate at times, but it was never clear who was lying about text-gate. However, it stopped mattering when Phaedra and Kenya put it behind them. Phaedra told Kenya that their slate was wiped clean so why is it all of a sudden coming up again.

Anyway, Porsha went to check on Phaedra and that’s when Phaedra revealed that the divorce was final, but she’s not telling the other ladies. Later on, Kenya showed up and got Porsha to leave so she could chat with Phaedra alone. Phaedra said she was appalled by the party and that she feels that Kenya was only celebrating to be a hater since she did try to come between her marriage. Kenya can be shady, but this isn’t that. It really does seem like Kenya was genuinely just trying to help Phaedra celebrate her new chapter, but Phaedra is really sitting here blaming Kenya for the demise of her marriage when that’s really not the case. Especially since reports of cheating swirled about Phaedra, and Apollo and then there was that whole Apollo being a scammer thing. There were definitely other elements that broke up Fakedra’s marriage.

Obviously, their convo didn’t go very well. Kenya ends up leaving, but not before offering to pray for Craydra.

Kenya goes back to the party, which the men have now joined and it became more birthday celebration time for Peter, who said he enjoyed his day, and that’s all that mattered in that moment.

This isn’t over, though. See you next week.


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