Journalist Jemele Hill covers NewsOne's 'Front Page' and opens up about her Unbothered Network and memoir.

Jemele Hill's podcast and production company, Unbothered Network, releases the trailer for their new podcast, 'Sanctified.'

"The Sports Center" host says she put her employer in a "bad spot," but that she'll be back on Twitter being her "usual self.”

We all know what happens when strong Black women have the audacity to speak their minds and call out racism and injustice in this country. We are seen as a threat and severely punished for it. While y’all president can call for people to boycott the NFL and demean Black players by calling them a […]


In the wake of Jemele's suspension from ESPN, the president took the time to berate the Black journalist.

ESPN said the decision was made because Hill violated the social media policy in a second incident.


Trump continues to prove that he has a serious impulse issue, as he can’t seem to contain himself when it comes to social media outbursts. It took longer than many expected, but #45 finally addressed the comments made by ESPN anchor Jemele Hill earlier this week, which labeled him a white supremacist, and demanded an […]


Days after controversy exploded surrounding ESPN’s Jemele Hill reference to Donald Trump as a white supremacist, the anchor has broken her silence on the situation, taking to her Twitter account to give her take on all that’s happened in the last few days.

Funny how #45's administration was quicker to denounce the "His & Hers" host than they were actual Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville last month.

ESPN reprimands Jemele Hill for calling Trump a “White supremacist." Colin Kaepernick and others are standing behind the host.

ESPN's Jemele Hill and Michael Smith were joined by the show's original cast members Dawnn Lewis, Sinbad, Darryl M. Bell and Glynn Turman.