Thinking about and planning for retirement and retirement income when you are still finding your place in the workforce can be quite difficult. Some of us may be feeling as if we are just now settling in on the type of work we would like to do for an extended period of time. Others who […]

The decision to seek a second job or additional source of income to supplement a full time career can come about for many different reasons. Taking on another work opportunity may be procured to either further contribute monetarily to the exorbitant rent or mortgage payments required these days, put money aside for a college fund […]

For decades, women have been trying to close the wage gap with men, who still earn more than their female peers with the same level of education. But one group — young, single women with no children — has closed that gap and is pulling ahead of their male counterparts.

FROM BV ON MONEY: Based on the data from, the major you choose in college can play a huge role in how much money you have in your pocket after you graduate. I don’t personally think that choosing a low-paying major is a bad thing, but you should probably make sure you know what […]

(From Hey working parents—ready for some good news? A study detailed in today’s New York Times bears the surprising news that contrary to popular belief, working parents are actually spending more time with their kids. A lot more.

In a groundbreaking report released Monday by a leading economic research group, social scientists turned a spotlight on the financial challenges facing an often overlooked group of women, many of whom could not take an unpaid sick day or repair a major appliance without going into debt.