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ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder' - Season Five

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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder ended with yet another twist that we didn’t see coming. The episode begins with Annalise’s kids prepping for Christmas and everything is all happy and cheery at first, but then Laurel gets a call from someone who is just breathing heavily.

Obviously, they (nor we) have no idea who it is, though she did suspect her mother for a hot second. And in case you’re wondering, they had Asher’s mom remove that photo she posted from the wedding with Nate and Miller in the background. However, now the question is, who else saw it before it was removed. You know people always get screengrabs!

Agent Telesco calls Annalise and asks if she’s free to come in for an interview. She reveals that they know she tried to adopt Wes. Annalise tells her where to go and but Telesco offers her immunity. Annalise asks why the offer and Telesco’s reply is that the offer is “for all of it,” so Annalise agrees to come in after the holiday.

Annalise tells Nate about her encounter with Telesco and that her getting immunity could mean that his plan isn’t working. Nate still seems to believe in his plan and thinks the feds are just trying to turn them against each other. Then he tells Annalise to consider taking the deal since she nothing to do with it anyway, but Annalise says that’s not what she wants. Later on, Nate tells Frank about the immunity offer and Frank thinks Annalise should take it too.

Meanwhile, Telesco shakes down Tegan again. She wants to know what Tegan knows but Tegan says she was with Annalise when news of Miller’s body broke and that Annalise doesn’t know anything. Tegan seems to really want to have Annalise’s back, but we still can’t trust her.

Now it’s Christmas day. Annalise’s kids do their thing while Annalise, her mom, Tegan, boss, Nate, Bonnie and Frank have dinner at Annalise’s place. It’s all fun and games until the agents come through with a warrant for Oliver and Connor’s wedding photos.


Now the kids are all in a panic and don’t really know what to do, as usual. Then Annalise tells them she’s going to be interviewed by the FBI. Annalise’s meeting is arranged for 3:00. Then we cut to Telesco accepting Annalise’s meeting proposal and find out that she’s sitting next to Tegan. Tegan expresses shock that Telesco is offering immunity and Telesco replies, “I don’t see why not.”

Next, we find Annalise waiting for her interview with Telesco. It’s 3:14 and Telesco still isn’t there, which is definitely not like her because we all know she’s thirsty. Laurel calls Telesco but gets voicemail and Laurel just asks for Telesco to call her back. But what is Laurel up to?

Now we cut back to that moment Telesco and Tegan are in the car talking about Annalise’s immunity deal. Let’s cut to the chase, Tegan seduces Telesco and they end up getting it poppin. Tegan meeting with a different agent. He asks if she has something to report. Tegan is an informant, y’all! Not a shocker, especially since we know about the email they had Oliver send her to keep her in pocket, but still…anyway, Tegan reveals that she and Telesco got it on. TEGAN FOR THE WIN! For some reason, Tegan seems to really want to protect Annalise and we’re here for it…if she’s being genuine.

Anyway, the agent is obviously pissed so he goes off on Telesco because this is more misconduct on her record (like how they planted fake evidence in Gabe’s apartment) and now she must be reassigned.

Later on, Annalise asks Tegan why she’s doing this. Tegan smirks and tells her she just bought her more time until the next agent catches on. Finally, the episode concludes with the governor meeting up with Annalise. The governor is shook because the feds think she had something to do with Miller’s murder. That’s when the gov hands Annalise a folder and says that actually, the person who got Nate Sr. killed is Emmett Crawford. That’s Annalise’s boss, and he just broke bread at her house for Christmas!

Annalise already said that you can’t trust anybody!


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