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ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder' - Season Five

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Annalise is now roped into Nate’s plan to pin his father’s murder on the governor. Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder finds her trying to keep him out of jail. The feds have him pegged as a suspect, especially since he is unhinged and acting erratically. Things get worse when Asher tells Annalise that he’s not the only one who knows that Nate killed Ron. In other words, her kids know too since Asher’s punk arse snitched.

Nate has been doing his own sleuthing, as we know. He meets with one of the jurors from his father’s death case to get the scoop. The juror tells him they made a ruling based on evidence they got in a packet from the bailiff. Shady boots. Basically, Miller may have given the jury fake evidence and Nate got a copy of it.

Gabe ends up getting questioned about the voicemail he left for Miller. You remember the whole, “I screwed up, they found out who I am” bit. He claims he was helping Miller investigate Annalise because they thought she was involved in a lot of criminal activity. He says he hadn’t seen Miller in two months. The examiner then specifically asks, “So you didn’t see him at the wedding?” and he lies. This is not going to go well. Hold that thought.

Nate presents the potentially fake evidence to Annalise and the theory that Miller tampered with it. Annalise tells him he doesn’t have concrete proof and that he’s digging his own grave as a suspect. Nate tells her to either have his back or get out. What do you think she did?

Meanwhile, Bonnie is struggling with her guilt over helping to kill Miller. Like, struggling struggling, to the point where she tries to kill herself. She sits in her car in a garage and tries to let the carbon monoxide take her out. Luckily Frank finds her, realizes what’s going on and stops it.

Finally, we get to the moment when Nate is questioned by the feds. Annalise calls him to see where he is. She offers to come down to help but he tells her not to because she can’t come near this. Annalise implores him not to answer their questions but this is part of his master plan. He let them take his DNA so that they can run it against the gun they claim had his father’s DNA—you know, the gun they said his dad tried to grab.

Fast forward a bit, and we find out that the feds investigating Nate gave Tegan an immunity deal for..we don’t know but she’s up to something too.

Finally, we cut to Annalise telling her kids that Nate had a smart plan to pin the crime on the gov and that she needs them on board. Annalise deciding to go along with Nate’s plan might have something to do with the next scene. It’s Nate meeting with the feds again. This time they tell him that he was right because his DNA doesn’t match that on the gun so someone did tamper with evidence!

Then they say they have someone in custody in connection with the crime. Now we cut back to Annalise. She gets a call from prison saying they have someone in custody who claims she’s their lawyer. You guessed it, it’s Gabriel. He got himself in a world of trouble.

Next week we find out exactly why he was arrested. Because you know there’s always twists and turns.


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