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Build Series Presents Viola Davis Discussing 'How To Get Away With Murder'

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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder is another doozy. Annalise shows Tegan the records the governor gave her that allegedly prove that Emmett had Nate Sr murdered. Tegan points out that Annalise has been played by the governor before. Plus, Emmett has a crush on Annalise. He did try to kiss her. There’s only one thing to do, seduce Emmett and get him to talk. Annalise puts on her lipstick and leather jacket and tries to make it happen. She clearly makes Emmett nervous and he rebuffs her advances claiming that while he is attracted to her, he wants to keep it professional, especially since he already has a misconduct case against him. But we all know he took the date.

Meanwhile, Bonnie is working with the kids to prepare a plan to get Oliver’s laptop back. Oliver says it’s encrypted but Bonnie knows what they’re up against so it needs to be returned. They’re trying to figure out how to get the FBI’s search disqualified. Meanwhile, Laurel lied to them and said he was taking the baby to the pediatrician but she really visited agent Telesco. Laurel tells her about getting the creepy calls from the blocked number and she wants answers. Telesco offers protection…if Laurel spills some tea. And if Laurel gives up the goods she can get an immunity deal too. Let us all remember that Laurel actually still has Christopher’s bloodstained blanket from the night of the wedding.

Later on, Laurel asks Frank to help her try to figure out who is calling her while Oliver scores a victory in court and gets his laptop back. More on that later, later.

Next Annalise informs Nate that Emmett is probably the one who killed his dad. Nate says it might be true because based on some letters his father wrote, he knows that some “shady lawyer” visited his dad to try to get him to fire Annalise and hire him. They don’t have a name but conclude that it was Emmett. They’ll find out though. Annalise goes on her seduction tour while Nate tries to get some footage from the prison.

Emmett calls Tegan to his office and tells her that he knows about the email she got referring to her as “Jane Doe” thanks to their IT department. Tegan is shook, but she pulls herself together swiftly and plays it off like someone is trying to frame her, and she didn’t tell him about the email because she was afraid of this meeting right now. She adds that she’s not that stupid. He says he believes her and that he has faith in her and that is why they’re meeting. He’s going to recommend that she get his job because he’s leaving the firm. Tegan definitely wants the job, but she also wants to know where he’s going. He tells her he’s going to run for DA. That’s supposed to be top secret but Tegan runs and tells Annalise, of course.

Nate comes through to Annalise’s place with some photos of a male visitor that Nate Sr. got in the bing. You can’t see the man’s face but they conclude that it was Emmett. Speaking of the devil, Emmet stops by Annalise’s office to shoot his shot. He invites her to dinner since he’s leaving the firm. Of course, she accepts. Game on.

Dinner starts off cute until Annalise cuts to the chase and asks if he’s covering something up

He plays dumb but she makes a good point. He couldn’t run a major law firm without some bodies. He said she’s just trying to push away and that he’s someone who genuinely cares about her and that he doesn’t get her. She says she got his number and storms away from the table.

Fast forward. Emmett comes to her apartment and says he’s going to keep it real since she with the games, but the catch is, she has to be real with him too. He flat out tells her he didn’t kill Nate Sr. and that he knows that she and Tegan believe he did because their office is bugged.

Annalise gives him the file the governor gave her as proof. Emmett denies killing Nate Jr’s father and says he had no motive. Annalise then says there’s a photo of I’m meeting him. You know that back of the head photo. Anyway, Emmett seems genuinely hurt and tells her that he really did like her. They start arguing back and forth but Emmett is firm in his stance that he didn’t kill Nate. Sr.

Meanwhile, Annalise’s kids check out Oliver’s laptop to see what’s what and they learn that the FBI really is on to them because they see the suspect board Telesco put together. They want to try to move to Dubai or somewhere but Laurel says they should just go to the FBI and negotiate immunity. But if they negotiate immunity, who would they frame?

Then Laurel gets a package. It’s in the same bag that her baptism present came in. She pulls out the tissue paper and it’s a bloody wig or hair that was actually scalped from someone’s head. Laurel recognizes it and states, “It’s my mother.”

At around that same time, we learn that Nate, Frank and Bonnie managed to get actual footage from the prison. They go over it and the man in question who was visiting Nate Sr. gets up and turns around. It wasn’t Emmet after all. It was Laurel’s brother. That is how the episode ends.

And once again we’re all confused.


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