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If you love Lil Kim, but also want to learn about the lasting legacy of New Orleans rapper Mia X, then "The Gumbo" is where you should be!

An inside look at China's upstart rap scene, and how the government is looking to shut it down.

Rick Ross is in hot water after he said some highly sexualized and misogynistic comments toward radio DJ Angela Yee during a recent Power 105 Breakfast Club interview.

We understand that Stacey's been in the industry for decades, but maybe she forgot a few of her steps along the way.

Experts are now questioning what levels of solitary confinement are appropriate for inmates and whether this type of punishment is constitutional.

Geraldo Rivera is certain that hip-hop has done far more to hurt the Black community over the years than racism ever could. Leave it to a FOX News talking head to tell Black America about itself. Geraldo, who wants you to know that he is a “militant moderate” that voted for President Barack Obama three […]

I’ve held my tongue for quite some time about the big blonde elephant in the room–Iggy Azalea. Mostly because I am closeted fan, (I mean, have you heard “Fancy”?) but also because I just found out a few months ago, that she’s not a cornbread-fed Atlanta-bred rapstress. Iggy is from New South Wales and made […]