"It's coming back," Drake said in response to a post about his thinning hairline.


The reality star had an allergic reaction when treating her hairline and is now looking into hair plugs to battle her severe hair loss.


The reality star went on a recent episode of"Personal Injury Court" to share her story of how a bad dye job caused her to go bald.


Black women and hair loss is unfortunately a common pairing. This is largely due to the consistent reliance on weaves, wigs and braids. However, there are also many black women who suffer from forms of alopecia that don’t necessarily correlate to hair styling. On the latest episode of the Facebook talk show Red Table Talk, […]

For most breast cancer patients, chemotherapy is an option to help fight the terrible disease and unfortunately one of the biggest and most devastating side effects is hair loss. Chemo does its work against cancer cells but it also destroys hair cells. Within a few weeks of starting chemo, you may lose some or all […]


You might not think about how important your hair is until you face losing it. And if you have cancer and are about to undergo chemotherapy, the chance of hair loss is very real. Both men and women report hair loss as one of the side effects they fear most after being diagnosed with cancer. […]

Many women who go through breast cancer treatment have to deal with the loss of hair. We all know that a woman’s hair is truly her glory. So when a woman has to let go of something that makes her feel beautiful and like a woman, it’s a heartbreaking experience. But according to Flora Shepelsky–a […]

When my mother was diagnosed with cancer I was devastated. My world has literally been turned upside down since our family received the news. And while I spent hours doing everything in my power to assure that her care was up to my high standards, my mother losing her hair was obviously an after thought. But with […]

HelloBeautiful! You emailed us and as promised, we answered. Check out this week’s Strand Therapy Q&A. Keep the questions coming. Be sure to send them to strandtherapy@gmail.com. We love this stuff! I am a recent Kidney Transplant patient of 2 years and was having some hair loss the first year and now my hair has […]

The other day one of my girlfriends was talking about “HELP! What is going on? My hair is falling out!” At first I thought she was exaggerating, but then I noticed that she was brushing her hair and was concerned about the amount of hair that had fell out on her brush. I have also […]

A recent study of middle aged black women reveals that nearly 30% have sustained permanent scalp and hair damage, possibly due to tight braids and weaves. Black women often maintain these styles for long periods of time, and the stress they exert on the scalp can lead to the development of pus-filled bumps, says the […]

FROM STYLELIST: Even if you manage to cover the dark circles under your eyes and get the red out, your hair may be a dead giveaway that you’ve been burning the midnight oil. Sleep is the body’s natural restoration period, the time when it rejuvenates and repairs itself. When this suffers, our hair can too. […]