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The other day one of my girlfriends was talking about “HELP! What is going on? My hair is falling out!” At first I thought she was exaggerating, but then I noticed that she was brushing her hair and was concerned about the amount of hair that had fell out on her brush. I have also had this concern, because on a few occasions I noticed that my hair seemed to be falling out too!

To get to the bottom of this issue, I discovered some really interesting facts from the hair experts over at Pantene. This is what I learned:

Hair falls out because…

1. It goes through a natural growth cycle throughout our lives. At any given time the majority of hair fibers are actively growing, while a small number of hair follicles have shed their hairs to take a short break, causing hair fall. As we age, the number of hair follicles that go on break increases, which can lead to noticeably thinner-looking hair. Studies show us that for women, this process begins around age 40.

2. Hair damage can also contribute to hair fall. With extensive hair damage, the fibers can begin to break apart. You may notice this hair fall when you style your hair and see more hair in your hairbrush or more flyaways on your head.

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